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  1. [TGS] The Girl Scouts

  2. [TGS] The Girl Scouts

    Always looking for new recruits to join Sign up @ TGSClan.com and join us on discord.
  3. [TGS] The Girl Scouts

    We appreciate the kind words thank you! We are located @ TGSClan.com Please feel free to check us out
  4. [TGS] The Girl Scouts

    Hi mode, I'm sincerely sorry that you had that experience playing on our server. I have personally talked to Jack and disciplinary actions have been taken. You are no longer banned and I have personally added you on steam. TGS will not stand for admin abuse of any kind, That is not what we are about. If you have any concerns or issues please don't hesitate to inform me, I hope to see you soon! Killswitch