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  1. Why cannot my game start

    Update: Now I am getting this error in a white script box after pressing PLAY 20:24:42: Starting BattlEye Service... 20:24:42: Failed to start BattlEye Service (1058). 20:24:42: Installing BattlEye Service... 20:24:43: Failed to install BattlEye Service.
  2. Why cannot my game start

    Ok Here you go: OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD Anthlon II X2 220 processor 2.80 GHz GPU: Integrated Ram: 4GB Yes windows is up to date My Squad/Black Squad game folder is not in appdata folder Here is the error I got when I found the game's launcher and launched it from the Program(x64) directory: https://imgur.com/a/koAro40
  3. Why cannot my game start

    Long story short: I downloaded the game from steam I have tried validating the game files from steam I have tried moving my files I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game I went clear throughout the directory straight to the main .exe and got some error that the only English was Start game Why cannot my game start?