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  1. Hi, So I just got the game not too long ago. I am very new at the game. I am looking for new friends to play with. It would be cool to learn from some of you while playing. Every time I try to learn and play on my own, I always run into toxic players. Complaining or getting annoyed with questions. Look, I am just trying to learn the game. I used to be an Infantryman in the US Army. I know how combat works. Not sure why people have to be so toxic to new players. Yes, we all want to win, but I cant help achieve that goal if I don't know what I'm doing or what my squad wants to do. So... if anyone would like to play and help me out that would be cool. My steam and discord tags are the same as it is here: DHaley2007 ... but my squad name is xPReCiZiON 513 .. that might be my steam name as well. Like I previous stated, I'm new lol Lets do this !