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  1. You say ironsights for balacing, but in my personal opinion its not, the enermy ingame eg. the infantry battle between the UK and US the UK is disadvantaged because they have Aimpoints and such, so a SUSAT woud solve this. leaving the blanking plates empty is not a big issue its just the large flag on the pen pocket, thats just wrong put it on the plate carrier or something. Question regarding your profile picture, are you serving or have served RAMC? Im RLC, ex RAMC CMT
  2. I have noticed some inaccuracies with the british soldiers equiptment and uniform, these are: Iron Sights on the L85A2(SA80) A British soldier would not deploy to a kinetic scenario with the ironsights, they are using in training and in certain situations on exercises. They would deploy with the SUSAT or the LDS depending on the trade of the soldier. EG. Infanteers would deploy with the LDS while crewmen and supportive units would have the SUSAT. Due to the majority of the roles in a straight up fight British soldiers in the game are at an instant disadvantage. The uniforms are incorrect. Where blanking plates would be that have the soldiers TRF and Briagde flash are empty and the flag is situated on the pen pocket. This is not correct uniform for a british soldier. As attached The Body armour is not osprey, infact I cannot identifiy the armour at all. All modern british soldiers would deploy with the new Virtus kit. The logistics truck, while the outside is accurate of a MANN SV the cockpit is not, also the centre of the cockpit roof is a hatch it would be interesting to see if players could utilise this. Thanks for reading, would love to see the british troops be corrected, Ragnar0k