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  1. CC Squad Germany [GER / EN] SRV #1

    Second server comes tomorow!
  2. Rules and Infos Why did we found Squad Germany? We like to play and know the problem of the full servers, so we want to offer you more servers and an active community Why are our texts English? We are a german squad community but to avoid any exclusion we speak english or german. Server 1 IP: We can currently provide up to 4 servers for you - just use the first one Teamspeak: ts3.yaaf.de Admins: Sir NonSinn | Hobbit, Mambluu, Viper Support: Write a FB message if no one is on TS3 Website/Forum: really needed? ... but in progress Facebook: fb.com/squadgermany We search someone to maintenance Discord! ----- Rules ----- Everyone deserves a second chance but NO third ! Speak German or English and name your squad with GER/EN please Play fair and respectfully No vulgar expressions and no insult Pay attention to teamplay Lone fighters get kicked Teamkill and trolling get banned