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  1. Falling Damage nerf?

    First of all, yes every little thing counts and Squad simply cannot simulate Everything to a T, thus there have to be a compromise, let alone not to mention the game is still being developed. Those little things in real life you call one or two percent? 99% of those is what usually where those 1% strains on your body added up, especially when rolling an ankle or two jumping down, even carefully. Let me tell you from my perspective both as gunner and as medic, since I happened to be both (two enlistments one 19D and then 68w). From the gunners perspective in the way big fking yes, with the shit ton of Motrin and unable to go on the mission once due to rolled ankle while gently as possible climbing down from the turret, onto the hood and then ground. While medic wasn't there, the amounts of Motrin he prescribed in quantity was pretty hefty and he came for me later with an ice pack. Have you ever tried to climb a wall "gently" while being shot at or harried by your sergeant due to low time frame while wearing 60lb kit at minimum? Good luck that gentle climb up and down. Now here is my opinion as former medic. - the vast majority of injuries I treated was surprisingly not combat related at all, but due to Pvt Carl and Bobby McFckFck doing heroic shit like that. - Obstacle courses, road marches such as someone stepping in a pothole, at least two times I can remember due to some dimwit trying to poke a rattlesnake, another time someone being tangled up in concertina wire. The worst I remember one guy going into anaphylactic shock because his buddies pranked him to sit on a fire ant hill. Those incidents may not sound related, but the reality is those are the most common problems in combat deployments that take out soldiers out of the fight and not the enemy (by far and wide). And yes, it was pretty common for me to "massage the booboo" because some private Carl climbed a wall or even vaulted a fence and his plus 60lbs of body armor, helmet and weapon landed the wrong way. Of course as stereotypical medic I also carried bag of Motrin as well for those moments. So yes, that 1% does matter. Notice that most medics wont even bother to heal you in the game if you see that you just fell off let's say a garage or a mud wall. The Squad as the game can't just show it realistically. Instead of the medic giving Motrin and water animation, we have magical medical pouches that if existed in real life, probably could of been capable of curing AIDS. As for the stairs, I don't seem to have had any problem with them in Squad. Never failed to climb one. In either case I always tried to be that magical medic like in Squad and in the way it is something akin the game trying to remind you, this is not Battlefield or CoD or PUBG, where recklessly running around is encouraged.
  2. Falling Damage nerf?

    I have to ask, have you ever jumped off a Humvee, let alone a wall wearing about 60lbs worth of combat gear on you? As former 240 gunner, climbing into that Humvee turret up and down all day in Iraq in 100 degree heat felt awfully painful on my knees. So imagine a fall from the high wall in all of that battle rattle. I think what bleeding simulates well is someone passing out from pain of the fractures.
  3. Russian forces

    Seems like a troll post of someone who either never played the game, played too Battlefield or Call of Duty, or doesn't know how weapons and kits work in game.
  4. June 2018 Recap

    I was a bit perplexed with fuel cans being shot on BTR. In real life shooting jerry cans with standard ammo doesn't do anything, nor do they explode into giant fireballs like that.
  5. Close air support

    The question is what will non regular armies get as alternative to the air support?
  6. 30mm Gunsight explain pls

    Need screenshot from the game about the sight you are talking about or even better short video. I am unsure what you mean but for one I know there is no gyrostabilizers or targeting computers which I find strange.
  7. M1 Abrams Crew

    Look at June 2018 recap. The Abrams already been made. There is loaders position but it is optional. It comes with 240 mount.
  8. Grenade Launcher sights(US)

    Yeah well as former Can Scout on my first enlistment I never saw leaf sights past basic training. Those bad boys Ive shown in photo above we had issued in Iraq to every grenadier in our unit. Well kind of. They attached on the side. They looked identical to dot sight in ARMA 3
  9. New Revive ability

    This is from my personal perspective, since when I play Squad, I just happens 80% of the time I choose to be medic (is even between LAT and default Rifleman for obvious reasons). The problem with the medics, at least the ones who want to revive is the fact that survival rate of picking up people while being shot is extremely low. This is where smoke grenades are highly underrated, especially since you can stack them on the top of bleating down teammates. This is why at least for US faction would rather prefer to carry more smoke grenades than offensive grenade. It is much more prudent of saturating area with smoke, where many players got shot, than to have one frag grenade medic wise. However here is the thing that might make the whole thing redundant if this is going to be true in the near future. - Limited customizable Kits akin to something like Insurgency. If that is going to happen, then this entire thread is moot.
  10. Grenade Launcher sights(US)

    Should be this. The bottom device acts as laser range finder, then have to be adjusted for the given range in elevation. Reflex dot is the sight and the leaf is in case the battery or devices dies.
  11. M1 Abrams Crew

    Yes, in June 2018 Recap section they already have functional M1A2 and video attached with gunner's, commander's, and loader's positions. The loader's position is optional and comes with 240Bmg with gun shield.
  12. Balance of AK74, M4, and L85a2

    The reason why do I bring it up is due to the fact this is modern warfare unlike Post Scriptum and for that very good reason in PS any player can get one shotted by almost any weapon, even well placed 9mm sten smg (off topic). As for steel side plates? You bet: https://www.spartanarmorsystems.com/spartan-omega-ar500-body-armor-side-plates-set-of-two/?sku=SAS-50066&msclkid=e815ba6d0d9418c65e81e129fe15b26c US Army have its own ceramic level IV version at 5LBs. They are actually stronger than full sized trauma plate. This is how I see body armor as hit points. The thing is obviously the body armor is not bullet proof, but it does mitigate damage to a certain point. As again kudos to Squad on the sight that someone goes down after 1 to 3 shots from a standard rifle shot in game, and even if not, very likely soon will from bleeding out. This seems consistent with body armor and weak points penetration to some degree of (semi) realism overall.
  13. June 2018 Recap

    I am glad that you guys took 240B loader's suggestion into the heart. I hope you also will add gyro stabilizers for all vehicles as well. At the moment APC cannons are a bit shaky when driving over rough terrain. In real life they get stabilized by gyros implemented into the guns.
  14. New Revive ability

    I already mentioned this both as Irony of Hippocratic Oath and grenades being British thing. As US Army medic, I did not get fragmentation grenades. That is apparently other armies' counterparts, specifically British. In either case that didn't bother me since I was able to load up on more supplies and ammo, since squad lead would never put me on the front as another rifleman. The answer is yes, technically I was just as you. However doctrines diverge there for every army and my squad leader preferred to keep me at the middle or almost rear of patrols. Ultimately my experience comes from Iraq and not Afghanistan as well, where urban combat was highly prevalent and the likelihood doing very little of bang bang and a lot of shearing someone's pants off and calling medievac was more likely. If you read my earlier post I already mentioned that "The First Medicine in Combat is to Increase Lead to Air Ratio" or the fact everyone and their mother trained in CLS. I'll quote my previous post. I am surprised you read my earlier remark that everyone is trained in CLS, but did not read the rest...Or you may not and read the recent posts. In either case a lot of what you said have been already mentioned and explained in the entire post. As the former combat medic here are my two cents. First of all in the firefights the first medicine of every and any "Doc" is "Increasing Lead to Air ratio." i.e. you wont see me running around bandaging people, until the incident is secured. Second of all every soldier and their mother is trained in CLS (typically by yours humble moi) in a short 3 to 5 hour class of how to apply your personal IFAK to yourself or to others. The real life combat medics' job starts typically after the firefight or there is reasonably enough leeway to be able safely provide medical skills. And it wouldn't be just me trying to treat everyone (I would be triaging the patients for the priority) with CLSes assisting me with either assigned CLS bags/satchels (those buttpacks Russian army carries all over which is copycat of actual US Army's buttpack) or if they are capable, I will be asking them to treat themselves, while I would be trying to assist those who cannot assist themselves. Thus it is (kind of) realistic to see soldiers picking up others in combat. However: Not to make Medic's role redundant in the game I believe that halving the amount of bandages carried by individual soldier should be implemented then and more bandages (ironically those are Israeli bandages in game and Insurgents do hate them) should be given to medic, to the realistic count of 10. I carried at least 20 in my medic bag. Ultimately I believe there should be more than just Israeli bandage in game, but the actual First Aid and Medic's treatment should not look like simply as them pulling out one bandage and magically wrapping them around the holes. Rather would of been better if Offworld made random medical item shown up in the medic's or soldier's hands and applied just like the bandage, since every wound needs to be treated differently. That way it will create the illusion of being more authentic: For example if I am bandaging someone who just got shot through the chest, Hyfin seal appearing instead of the Israeli bandage would be more authentic representation, than... well the obvious magical Dressing bandage (Which is designed for Dressing wounds and not to plug them) that apparently works just like Motrin in US military being prescribed for everything and anything (for April Fool's developers should have every medic class pull out bottle of Motrin to revive and bandage soldiers). For limb wounds CAT tourniquet. For headshots emergency Crike or King Lt. tube or Bag valve and the mask. Instead of medical kit, perhaps individual morphine ampules or quick clot bandages or belly bandage. In either case since it is hard to implement into the game, I would simply propose for those items to appear at random as if the game assumed the casualty had those wounds. Thus the illusion that your character in game actually acts like the actual medical treatment personnel will be created. As again this was the basic load during my time in the service. This is/was official US Army's manual for combat kit. Combat Medic's load is on Page 47. The only grenades I was issued was marking smoke grenades. http://www.thedonovan.com/archives/modernwarriorload/ModernWarriorsCombatLoadReport.pdf
  15. Balance of AK74, M4, and L85a2

    On the contrary, I believe Squad does that very well with the obvious exception if a medic revives you, somehow he magically fixes your body armor. In reality Body Armor can be one way or another treated as hit points. In either case, AR500 does make Ceramic plates as well and they perform almost as well as level IV steel plates (with obviously less durability). Overall in either case US Army undoubtly does have some really good body armor in comparison to others, even new Russian Ratnik version. Not to mention typical US soldier gets side plates as well.