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  1. Actually I was in the military for 8 years, and I have played Insurgency which is very Arcadey CQB style shooter. Squad is derived from PR and in my opinion should stay that way. My point still stands and in no way Either Insurgency's or Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay will add anything positive due to already fickle balance in Squad. The fact that 80 to 90 of Insurgency's gameplay is between close to medium ranges, proves the point that this is big No No. Here is team oriented, class style oriented hybrid FPS and there is kind of ish realistic (if you are some kind of special forces), but customization you asking for made irrelevant, due to relatively short ranges the gameplay in vast majority of scenarios happening (in Insurgency). Overall, the reason why I believe you cannot just switch to Reflex/Collimator sights or Iron sights at whim, is due to how it would be ripe for abuse based on inherent game design. You are playing let's Say US Army's Grenadier that only have ACOG and M203 with Leaf sight (which is weird since most M203s come with right handed sights akin to what British Army have), and you can juggle weapon sights at no penalty. If going to realism sake argument, you can't do that since you will be losing Zero on your sight, and videogame balance sake, you will be flipping between very capable sniper class and CQB class without penalty.
  2. I don't know why would you hate it, when it will pull the game towards more milsim side and not towards Battlefield or CoD Run and Gun.
  3. Because a) this is hybrid of Milsim and not Arcade shooters like Battlefield and/or CoD? In real life you work with what you get issued and no magically get to choose what to put on the weapon. b) Building from the point a, that this will be leading this game towards being Arcade FPS instead of hybrid milsim, this will cause the game to become more boring, with no diverse gameplay or thinking what and where to pick. c) You already have access to infinite Rifleman Kit with Reflex Optics for almost every faction (besides irregular forces for obvious reasons, - irregular forces don't have large military budgets for nifty collimator and reflex sights/optics - which goes back to point a, that this is "Hybrid Milism that supposed to lean towards realistic gameplay and not Just Your Other Average FPS Run And Gun), which makes your suggestion/complaint is irrelevant.
  4. Insta-Death?

    I made a suggestion earlier about it, that timer from instant death to bleedout should be dictated by the weapons used by the player starting from Large (obviously tank cannons, Rocket Launchers, IFVs weapons, Missiles) - Instant Death to small arms and melee (melee at the lowest and YES that is realistic since knife wounds are not as lethal as bullet wounds), where timer depends on whether there was or lack of headshot and how many times had the victim had been revived (obviously someone who just got revived and suddenly got incapacitated again, should have smaller window till death). Yesterday, I caught HEAT RPG 7 rocket square into the chest from the second floor of the school in the game and.... I WAS MIRACOUSLY REVIVED BY MY SQUADDIE! Why knives shouldn't be insta death? Well because in reality to kill for sure with the knife, you need a lot more than one simple stab, thus making it realistic. Even in situations where one single stab wound ended up being lethal, victims usually died by bleeding out). Furthermore I believe bleeding (while not incapacitated) should also depend on the caliber someone had been wounded with.
  5. Yep I second that. Also for long range and medium range fights flinch need to be added, if the bullet hit objects (spall flying towards eyes) on near head. For CQC it is been called FIBS (f*ck I've Been Shot) effect which is lacking in this game.
  6. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    You simply added what I didn't due to TLDR. Yes, but wouldn't it be nice to have, at least on certain maps/modes. In either case, my point was it would be nice to have MRAPs with actual MRAP survivability in game and perhaps add other factions counterparts like Russian tiger. This would create vehicle that directly counters mines and IEDs in game while letting everyone have fun with mines. I personally believe that mines should stay for all factions since they are pretty easy to avoid anyway due to how large maps in squad are. To summarize I believe mines and IEDS are not bad for gameplay and in larger view Nerfing for the sake of balance is bad idea. Rather than taking out realistic weapons or nerfing them, provide realistic counters to such weapons. Just look at MRAP in current state anyway. At current game version it is death trap. - high profile target with vulnerable gunner (since CROWS version of MRAP is now rare). Why not give it the love of real life MRAP for what it does best and it doesn't mean giving total immunity. Just make the crew and passengers inside being able to survive AT mines, IEDs and jihad mobiles. Obviously leave the damage from direct weapons the same.
  7. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    In reality it is laughable that MRAPs with Electronic Warfare protection, gets destroyed by IED activated by the cellphone, let alone MRAP itself in the name (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) DOES NOT LIVE UP TO ITS NAME. First of all such MRAPs and in fact Abrams tank have EW (Soft Kill) kit that pretty much jams radio frequencies around it (no longer a secret) that prevent cellphone signals activating IEDs near by. In Iraq, because of it insurgents stopped using IEDs activated by radio signals and went all out burying wires and victim activated IEDs against US forces.
  8. I find it really weird when in "Arabistani/Middle East" setting, where Insurgents and Militia go at it, we have strangely out of place Militia dressed in Russian Mafia track suits and Soviet/Russian old camo pieces with cold weather field jackets and such. Some would say such cosmetic thing is not needed and absurd, but doesn't it seem absurd on the first place having Slavic/Eastern European men running around Middle East fighting Insurgents. After all Russian Ground Forces for example get different versions of camo for different settings, so why not change out different uniforms for appropriate settings for Militia? For example, for Al Basra Map, having Militia have uniform akin to Mahdi Army of Al Sadr. - All black with green or white or black lettering akin to Hezbollah. For Afghan desert, have uniforms typically worn Pre Taliban Northern Alliance. - Mix of old soviet desert and American BDUs with afghani civilian clothing.
  9. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    You are suggesting grenadier class with fully automatic grenade launchers, on armor.... what could go wrong? Perhaps Stryker variant would be nice, since it will be HE variant of 30mm BTR with barely any armor penetration, and stationary AGS or have Russian Tiger MRAP added in with it to replace BTR on certain maps... but the balance issues are already screaming.

    Unfortunately this is correct. Suppression simply does not do enough of the job in the game. The only thing that I can see if developers will create some kind of "Fear build up" system akin to the horror game called Amnesia where at certain threshold your avatar will go nuts (with random effects displaying on screen such as tunnel vision, heaving breathing, red screen, loss of sound, temporarily remapped movement keys or at total suppression cause player not to be able to move at all from prone position), or/and cause missed shots to drain stamina, while increasing penalty for being tired (currently barely see any penalty for being tired in game, which is one of the secondary reasons why you will not run into the line of fire. - you will die tired). Also bleeding needs to go back to the state where it KOed people faster, which is more realistic than current "oh I will shrug off being shot" as if it is "but a scratch." https://vk.com/video-149683152_456239151 - this is what Squad supposed to be like. Notice how simple AK 74 and 47 punching holes through the brick walls. Cover penetration needs to be increased, otherwise this game will head more and more towards run and gun arcade.
  11. I don't know about you, but Squad revive system seems to be being footballed from realistic to arcade, to back being more realistic. However, I am quite baffled why the system cannot be made both "More realistic and Fun Oriented" by simply "Reverse" the current system being "Revive Timer" and not "Vulnerability - Dead dead Period after Revive Timer." This just doesn't make any sense that someone who had been hit by high military grade bullet, can be revived indefinitely and forever, even to somewhat semi useless/hopeless state. I humbly propose for Developers to try something else that is more realistic where "The Wolves will be fed and the Sheep Will Be Safe." - Simply make the type of caliber a player had been downed with, provide the revive window/timer. For example - someone hit in the torso with 12.7mm. should not have over 260 Seconds to be revived and be able to be revived indefinitely (or until bandages run out). Bullet of that size will easily cause some serious damage, even with grazing hits where someone might not ever wake up, let alone get up. Instead make .50 cal or .51 cal bullet incapacitations make about 10 seconds before someone bleeds out to death. Headshots should be instant kill, since in game headshots are already relatively challenging to make and should be fair mechanic. Make all 7.62 NATO, SKS and AK47 (series of weapons) variants cause perhaps one minute (to the body and lower) incapacitations around 45 to 60 seconds bleed period and perhaps 10 to 20 seconds headshots. 5.56 and 5.45 should have from 60 to 80 seconds (torso and lower) and 20 to 40 second headshots. 9mm should be left in its current state. With this whole system the "vulnerability period" should also be present to discourage Ramboing and seeking medical personnel. Perhaps also with headshot revive, give a small chance of not even being able to revive the player and instead cause the loss of ticket as null and void and provide with someone killed with Headshot with instant spawn at downed player's discretion, whatever place (maybe not with Rally) to be spawned at. I believe this type of Revive System Reform will both punish recklessness and push Squad more towards where the game meant to go. - Punish reckless Solo Wolf CoD Style of gameplay Run and Gun and towards Team play.
  12. This is done probably for the balance and realism purposes. In real life, soldiers are highly discouraged to the best of their abilities to use enemy weapons, especially if you are doing it needlessly - which will net you in whole a lot of trouble. In US Army in real life, if you lost the weapon, even if it is written off as combat loss, there will be shitload of questions how did you lose it. Same I presume for Russian or British army. - However I believe to make it realistic and "WORKABLE" I believe the developers should implement it into the game. How? Well, make it for one as if soldiers are not proficient with enemy weapons that they loot and the looting enemy body(is) process take huge amount of time (as in real life) that it would not make it worth it. In reality, when a Russian soldier or US soldier who had never held Car Gustav or RPG 7 and suddenly got it for the first time, will reload or aim them a lot longer, f they had not been trained to comparable proficiency. Also perhaps allow looting of enemy weapons when all ammo and grenades had been exhausted, but akin to Insurgency Series - Only weapon and whatever magazine ammo left in it. To get more ammo, the player will have to spent No less than 2 minutes rummaging through enemy's body though, which will put him out of action for quite sometime and make him second guess whether to pick up enemy equipment or run back to nearest supply crate. When it comes to picking up friendly weapons, lets say HAT near you got killed and you are Rifleman... the system should apply at the same level as Insurgency game.
  13. why we cant destory trees ?

    Unfortunately that will require overhaul of entire game. This is unfortunately not the Frostbite or ARMA Engine, where you can level everything and anything to the ground.
  14. I noticed in the recent patch, voice command wheel was added into the game. However at the present it is all US "accented" type. If you'd like to I can provide translated voice over (my own voice) in Russian language. That is from Russian immigrant who served in US Army, so I believe I can translate the wheel quite closely to what it is in English.
  15. New Map: Grozny

    Would be nice to have a developer give a comment on this suggestion. Grozny would be unique addition to the other urban maps. As I mentioned to make it truly unique experience the best option will be to create uneven teams as well with Rebels starting out with maybe one T-64 and perhaps one or two BTRs and numerous Technies, while RF forces starting out (to historical realism and fun) something like 4 T-72B3 tanks, 5 BTRs and only one or two Logi Ural truck(s). Obivously the fighting in urban terrain will be disadvantageous to the Armor, but that's what exactly happened.