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  1. Community content WIP thread!

    Learn Blender. You never know when a royalty-free modeling program will come in handy.
  2. Motorbikes in squad

    Squad supercross mod coming soon.
  3. The Military Media Thread

    Yup, and only in calm waters. ie Caspian
  4. Hacksaw Ridge

  5. Hacksaw Ridge

    The kosher-friendly Mel Gibson directed it.
  6. Nvidia Graphics Cards

    I remember parity. Now we have Justine "down-syndrome" Trudeau. Sad face. Cheapest one is 360.
  7. BREAKING on #Turkey

    I think they should still be allowed into the EU. What could go wrong with more islam.
  8. UK leaves EU and Prime Minister resigns

    What the EU needs now is one more layer of bureaucracy, say a department of transparency, in order to be more transparent. Hue
  9. UK leaves EU and Prime Minister resigns

    The uncuckening of Europe begins. What a beautiful day.
  10. Classic AK-47 and Type 56.

    When kar?
  11. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    It's a server admin and SL issue. If there's people spamming music or who won't shut up, kick them. Most PR servers are "you must join a squad" servers. If a person keeps getting kicked from squads, he'll find himself off the server and someone else will join the server.
  12. Don't worry. I'm a level 60 white knight. I've even considered cutting my cock off to make sure I don't offend these delicate flowers.
  13. On a side note, I've noticed that there are no kitchens in any of the houses. That might be a place to start. Maybe some décor...
  14. Did anita sarkesian put you up to this?