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  1. High temp while playing

    but still the temp doesn't reach 83c only in the reference card .... while mine in full load reach 60c... with fan....
  2. High temp while playing

    here screen shot of squad with vsyn off on
  3. High temp while playing

    if u see here the gpu usage is 63% and the temp at 83c..... is that normal? the setting is at high with some are off... with vsyn at 60 and as u can see 83c
  4. High temp while playing

    i can do that with air conditioner but still evey time i run a game it reach 83c fast... with 100% fan speed and stay like that and some time go to 90c here is the screen
  5. High temp while playing

    1-gigabyte gtx 980 ti g1... it was used for 1 years only and it was in good condition.... and never did this happen before. and this is the new case i bought 2-about "Nvidia settings" it's default.... i don't play with it 3-case name cooler master haf 912 Mid Tower I do have air conditioner and the room temp 35 to 40c .... I did open the case to see of the heat drop down but nothing happen it.
  6. High temp while playing

    They did clean it and replace the thermal paste..... still reach 83c even when the fan at 100% and no i didn't overclock but i think my dose have some oc thing cuz the core can reach 1350 ok here is ffxv... the setting is average all nvidia setting is off ... and vsync is on
  7. High temp while playing

    at 100% fan speed the temp is 83c and when i turn the vsyn on it drop to 70 - 75 no i did change the case and send the card for replace one of the fan with new thermal paste too and still get to high even in the damn menu the temp go 80c
  8. High temp while playing

    The problem is that when he reach 85+ the pc stop working and i lose signal from the monitor and after shuting down the pc.... and turn it on.. the same problem happen even again and not just this game every game keep doing the same keep losing signal... which is weird but even 75 or 80... is too much for 60 fps only...
  9. My problem is that my gtx 980 ti keep reaching 80c while vsync on at 60 fps..... i open the case to circulate more air and still keep reaching high temp my rig: I7 7770k z270 g3 gtx 980ti 8g ram