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  1. [WIP] Gaza PR Remake [Gaza Mod]

    Gaza (Project Reality Remake) Name: Gaza Location: Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestine Size: ~2km Teams: US vs. Hamas (Hamas faction will constist of reskinned INS and MIL models) Gameplay: CQB, Urban Warfare/Assymetrical Warfare Download link: Unreleased/WIP Description: Gaza is a remake of the Gaza map from Project Reality. It won’t be an exact remake but the layout and feeling of the map will be the same. It is a map based on the PR 1.4 updated version of Gaza created by Project Reality developer Outlawz7 and I have recently gotten permission from him to recreate his version of Gaza in Squad! The buildings and terrain of the map will be different from the original but this 2x2km map will include lots of accessible buildings, rooftops, balconies and narrow alleyways. Fans of both asymmetrical warfare and parkour will definitely find their fill with this map. People can expect a lot of engaging CQB encounters because enemies will be ‘everywhere and nowhere’ either 5 stories up, on the street or underground and waiting to strike. Included in this map will be the Hamas faction, a classic PR faction that will exist out of retextured Militia and Insurgent models but will have a slightly different loadout compared to the regular Insurgent faction. If you're interested in seeing the modding progress and updates on the Gaza Mod come join us on our discord server! Old PR Minimap: Minimap: Coming soon! Gaza Screenshots: Overview of the main street along the coast Area next to the 'shops' capzone Another view on the main street New Marina entrance: Click here for the full screenshot album
  2. Steam name Daresios https://steamcommunity.com/id/Daresios/ Age 20 Place of origin* The Netherlands Why do you wish to join? I really like the thrill of finding a group of people you can play a tactical game "seriously" with and have fun at the same time What is your preferred class to play?* Medic, Machinegunner, HAT/LAT I am a bit of a generalist, will play any role if needed/requested. What can you help 66th with?* I used to be an officer/GM in two PvP guilds on World of Warcraft a while ago, focused on 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds, have a degree in IT so can help people with computer/server stuff (not programming tho). Also partly Slavic, so i can teach people how to squat What are your goals in 66th?* Meeting new people and have fun.