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    This is something I agree with. At first implimentation of mortars I was absolutely scared of the sound and blast but it's more like they are throwing water balloons at you. Needs more shrapnel wider wounding radius. Bring back that fear. Now I'm not saying they aren't effective when they clearly are I the right hands.
  2. v11 Testing!

    Hey there squadies. I have over 500 hours in game experience. Just have a note that I've noticed since v9. When m4 burst fire discharges some times rifle report is delayed or not heard at all when attempting to fire repeatedly from an outside perspective. Has this been noticed or not. Not really a major game changer, more of a quality of life thing and it sorta takes the immersion out of the game just a bit. Thx. P.S Love v11 by the way keep up the good work Offworld.