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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    SRA in Al Bashrah
  2. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Squad runs alot Tag: ~SRA~ Link: our discord https://discord.gg/SDQtxPJ Language: English Description: "We are a semi-competitive gaming clan that plays Squad. We value active members and therefor hosts weekly squad events where we get together on a public server and tries to play the game, teamwork and have fun.'' Members: ~35+
  3. ~SRA~ Recruitment

    Squad Runs Alot ~SRA~ Are you looking for a group of regular players that you can get to know as your battle brothers? If you crave squad tactics, wanna see how well you can do when you have synergy with your squad, not having to deal with inadequate SLs or as SL having squad mates who listen to your orders and act on them. Then you'll never find a more perfect clan than the SRA! We are a clan which is currently in the process of recruiting people who want to play this game seriously (regardless of your current skills) and are willing to join our events and play with us in a strictly teamwork manner. We are currently running events on a weekly basis and have reserved slots for our Full time members on servers we regularly play on (which you can become after joining 3 of our organised events). If you wanna sign up, join our Discord and let an Admin, Mod or Recruiter know you are interested to join!