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    I just find this very funny. Not only does he outright say that SQUAD should get features from super casual and arcade games like *cough* fortnite, he also imples he doesnt like being in a squad which implies that he probably doesnt communicate which questions "why did you buy this game?"
  2. but then nobody plays because the game isnt fun during free weekend, its true and I imagine this will become true once free weekend ends and we have players returning and have the people who bought the game
  3. Steam Achievements.

    I would really rather have no medic than have a medic achievement hunting across the map to heal and revive people
  4. Help me find a PC

    Damn... Lucky bastards.... our 1080ti + 8700k is garrunteed 1500+ with the card being $800 and 8700k around $300 i think
  5. Help me find a PC

    Im too lazy right now to look at EU money and market but in the US $1500 does nothing to get a 1080ti, even if you build a pc
  6. 3000hrs+ suggestions

    +9999 but maybe 2 buttons? kick and ban? because sometimes we just kick because a friend is joining or hes afk and I would be fine with him joining later with free look its actually not hard at all PLEASE they tried to fix the issue because they heard to the vocal minority and now its ruined, especially with that giant ass SL one that you can see EVERYWHERE Not a big deal really when you can read again doest really bother me Also going back to this, no. A HAB system is much better We still have iron sights for russians
  7. Variation of Squad Types

    ok so lets let the game treat adults like adults (?) and have a squad full of scoped marksmans
  8. "Believability" of maps, realism

    but there is a difference, Although the objects and other minor cover can be argued PS barely has any scopes and has thick hedgerow cover so there can be lots of open areas, in squad do that and the balance breaks
  9. trial

    sorry but dont get this game, I doubt you'll get more than 25 fps in low settings
  10. that doesnt happen all the time, we are talking pubs here +99 I think it could be really simple by just adding a scope symbol for any role with a magnification above 1x
  11. Little White Helicopter

  12. Militia in Desert

    I just find it strange that the Militia is fighting in the desert, I guess it is with my server primarily doing this but still, I still find it strange that we got new INS models and stuff and now militia is fighting in the desert? I just dont think that layer should exist? I mean INS and Militia have very similar kits anyways so just gemme that little detail.
  13. Macbook Pro (BootCamp), will it run?

    what? your minimum is no where near, IGPUs can play shit other than minecraft and CSGO
  14. Can bullet penetrate the ground?

    I HIGHLY doubt this and it was very very likely a couple bullets didnt hit the ground or someone else shot him
  15. Then again we have INS acting like regulars sitting in 1 place grouped up as one