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  1. Can bullet penetrate the ground?

    I HIGHLY doubt this and it was very very likely a couple bullets didnt hit the ground or someone else shot him
  2. Then again we have INS acting like regulars sitting in 1 place grouped up as one
  3. Insurgency gamemode , we need it!

    Honestly its weird. Its not fun but i dont even know why. INS in INS isnt really fun at all unlike invasion, where defending is also fun
  4. What moves Squad into Beta?

    We still need ATGM for russia helicopter, tanks, bmps. And there was like a list on reddit or something about things they were gonna add before beta
  5. I love OP first light, as long as US doesnt rush to put a FOB INSIDE the middle cap I dont know how many other servers have it but RIP has sumari and chora (i think) insurgency, tho it has quite a decently big list so idk when you will get it, and the queue magically drops from 20 to 0 with space for 20 more people
  6. Ok maybe all was a exaggeration but atleast like the riflemans and yeah militia shouldnt get more IEDs. I would say in AAS the irregulars should get to cap first, ie having a temporary spawn with like 2 techies which would give militia almost a 100% chance to get to the middle flag early and set up more defences +1 I wrote the same thing without reading your post
  7. Ticket Bleed

    Um.... Dramatically reduced the ticket bleed on the middle flags and increased the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags. Soooo realistically once people realize that if they attacked and claimed a flag they get more tickets it should be fine. And technically playing like what you said drags the game on for 2 hours. There still is ticket bleed as well
  8. Sometimes also meaning quite sometimes people will die before they even fire a single round
  9. With the new armor and stuff the regulars are way better now, its very hard for INS or militia and even more so because holy shit the 1p29 or whatever is so ****ing hard to aim. Like this isnt a increase amount of tickets and be done with. I mean like we need every single INS to have IEDs and maybe make respawn time for militia shorter, because the way militia and INS are suppose to win is speed. Thats how they win irl too. Guerrilla warfare is basically warfare that focuses on speed. Weight system for militia and INS making them faster but less stamina as they have less gear but are less trained. I think militia and INS has to be realistic just like the USGBRUS are getting realistic All my jibberish in one place Make INS have more IEDs Make respawn for militia and maybe INS shorter overall Make militia and INS faster in cost of stamina
  10. LSW is a marksman?!

    Maybe the same reason marines are replacing 249s for m27s
  11. My opinion i had no idea it does this for iron sights
  12. No you sometimes you can die at the same time. How do you know? You have a fight in CQC, and you call out a enemy after you die, friendly checks the place soon after to find him dead
  13. If you have your own natural vision to zoom in on the scope and scope only then why complain? You shouldnt see the blurr either
  14. I think yehoslovaika or whatever has them, ive seen warriors so id assume