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  1. Hello everyone, since I am using my new USB Headset, I am experiencing complete loss of audio (sound & mic) aftter a few minutes on a server. In particular I use a HyperX Cloud II. (not using 7.1 mode when in squad) I have to restart the game to get game sound again. Re-plugging the headset does not help. Changing server does not help. It loses sound with a crack in the game. In the audio device list of windows the headphones and mic are still present. Without any changes after closing Squad I can use the headset in other applications without problems. (e.g. browser. VLC, etc) Anybody experienced similiar issues? Update: root cause must be in my hardware config somehow. Took the headset to an other PC and played Squad without issues. I have no clue where/what to tweak on my PC...