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  1. The new design direction with crewman kit requirements, etc. are obviously intended to nudge players to keep heavy vehicles (eg, Bradley) separatedfrom an infantry squad, as it should be. IFVs are not organic to fireteams. You'll notice most of the more serious servers also restrict heavy assets to appropriately named squads as well, not a free-for-all. If you've ever played Project Reality you'll understand this point and it comes as no surprise. If you've only played vanilla BF or CS series games this will likely come as a shock and as an adjustment. Teamwork is required... horror of horrors! You will have to talk to and communicate with armored elements as well as other squad leaders to succeed on the battlefield as this game shapes up to be more involved and complex with upcoming game mode, flag, ticket changes, etc. and as more and more assets are introduced.
  2. K/D RATIO

    Thanks Fuzz - I really hope we hear thoughts back from you and the team more on this area sometime... and I really hope that the gameplay gets as much love as the assets and maps do overall. I'm sure there's no shortage of work to go around for the team members. Squad has so much potential. As someone who is a SQ early backer, has played PR from its inception, and FPS in general since the old Wolfenstein3d on a 386, it's pretty amazing to see how far things have come along over the years, now culminating with Squad and Post Scriptum both. Keep it up.
  3. K/D RATIO

    That's not a bad idea at all about the bandaging medics and then in turn they having a slow auto-revive feature. That would at least be slightly more realistic in a sense -- any soldier can apply basic buddy aid to the medic, and let them do their thing afterwards. From a realism standpoint, I think it holds water a bit and isn't trashy at all, and more importantly it helps to solve the gameplay and cohesion issues if implemented with some other changes. As an aside to the kit pickups thinking from my last post too - doing it this way could also help alleviate the whole kit-swapping issues where someone doesn't magically become the medic, AT rifleman, etc. instantly just by grabbing a kit as is the case in PR. Just limit the pick up the rifle/AT weapon (which is reasonable and realistic), if possible, and leave the secondaries from the kit as-is.
  4. K/D RATIO

    I totally agree with your point on healing/reviving in Project Reality, and how that slots into the larger Spawning approach to the game, for instance. I don't think you could take any one single element from the PR ruleset and pop them into Squad, but on the other hand PR does have a very good secret sauce going on with how the games mechanics work together and play out. PR may not be for everyone (which is perhaps why there needs to be two modes of play for Squad?), but honestly I think the Squad developers would do well to look very closely at the actual gameplay in PR which does promote cohesion to a far greater level than Squad right now. I believe you're correct in that the current medic/revive situation in Squad doesn't lend itself to cohesion, for the most part, either. While it absolutely strains reality that any 'ol Joe will be able to unzip the medic's kit and perform life saving work in the field with no training, the whole "revive/heal to 100% combat effectiveness" in itself is a concession to a game anyway. We all know it doesn't work like that, but we trade that away for a fun factor. Allowing friendlies to pick up the medic kit to do the same might be a good concession to make if it promotes better gameplay. I was thinking on this the other day, that not being able to grab friendly kits (at least) is actually a big deal on a lot of levels. Not being able to pick up kits has an impact on combat within a squad, too -- why stay with the group when you can go lone-wolf with an AT-4 kit? After all, if you go down no one can pick up your kit to deal with the BTR anyway, so you might as well go be a solo ambusher away from the squad along a path of likely approach -- that probably offers them better protection, overall, with the current game setup. Being able to at least temporarily use friendly kits would probably promote more squad cohesion: I know that even if I go down, my buddy next to me can carry on the fight to keep the squad alive from a particular threat with my specialized kit (eg a SAW to keep the suppression fire up, or the marksman to deal with some distant sniping), and I know that even if the medics are both down the squad can revive itself if they stick together. That's all a not-so-subtle impact on gameplay. Is it unreal to be able to use friendly kits? Not at all. Training on various weapons systems, at least at the company level, is de riguer in the modern military. It's absolutely not unreasonable to think that someone issued an M4 would have base proficiency to use the SAW if the situation required it, or the LAW. OTOH, Nightingale has an idea of a happy medium of sorts, where all soldiers get a single-use epi pen to at least pop someone (preferably a medic) up so they can heal and do their thing after an engagement. At least that's the kind of thing that could (in theory?) be added pretty quickly to test, or maybe someone could mod that in, since it would affect all classes. I'd be curious to see the impact on gameplay. OTOOH, being able to use friendly kits seems like it would be a pretty simple fix, at least from a ruleset standpoint -- obviously I don't know about the amount of coding involved.
  5. K/D RATIO

    I agree with you totally -- that's going to be the challenge to the developers of Squad. Player population, and sales, versus the wherever they really want to take the game. I don't envy trying to find that balance. Although, maybe it doesn't even have to be a hard binary choice, either. Perhaps the game can bifurcate into a "action" and a "hardcore" mode for servers with different rule sets aimed at different player groups. Thinking on it -- I'd play either/both depending on the day and my interest level. I mean, let's face it -- sometimes you just want a quasi-team oriented experience to shoot shit up and don't have time for an hour-plus long game. Maybe players would matriculate to the more teamwork oriented modes over time as they got used to Squad, and wanted something more -- or maybe they never would. Either way it results in sales. If there's a smaller subset of the Squad community (15%?) that wants a less forgiving experience, then that'd be cool by me -- and if not then at least there's a healthy crowd playing on the same game platform. I suppose if you think about it, that's kind of what Battlefield 2 vs Project Reality was during its hey-day -- 20,000 players online in BF2, and maybe 1,500 in PR. Personally, I'd take those numbers today in a heartbeat. Even if the developers don't go down this path then perhaps the community will anyway? With the extensibility of UE4 and the Steam Workshop maybe a time will come where there are mods that add, or affect, core gameplay rules. Seems like it could be possible to me, but then again I really have no clue when it comes to that stuff what's do-able versus not for a 3rd party modder. You're also right on the tutorials and getting friends together to play. A better tutorial for squad leaders especially would be amazingly helpful. Something with a basic voice-over/step-through for doing assets, placement, and building. Most squad leaders view their primary job as pooping out rally points only, if that.
  6. K/D RATIO

    It is about the philosophy of the game, though. It's about rule choices that impact the flow, tempo, and style of gameplay. What we're seeing in Squad is a prettied-up version of pretty much any other shooter out there, with some buildable assets, because (and this is critical) it plays exactly the same as any other shooter. I agree with you in that I don't want to sit through an hour briefing, ARMA style. There is a happy medium however that is encouraged in the game by game mechanics themselves. No briefing needed. Squad lacks those rulesets currently -- Project Reality had them from very soon after it left the minimod stage. It was baked into the very DNA of the project. I want more cohesive gameplay that relies on teamwork over MaD sKiLlz, yet Squad is pretty much the latter right now. You have one squad, if you're lucky, who is "playing the objectives" on most maps and servers. Most other squads are total chaos, yet that really doesn't matter as the action is force-focused into tiny areas of even large maps by the sheer mechanics of spawning, flags, etc. The players don't need to think -- they know that they can build a Firebase right on the flag if they're defending, or close to it if they're attacking. They know that they can lonewolf and be as 'effective' as if they were playing with their squadmates overall -- the current setup of flag capture, bleed, and spawning assure that's the case. That's what this whole discussion started as. EDIT: You're 100% right when you point out that it's players not enforcing play-styles (eg, kicking for lonewolfing) that also encourages this. I agree with you. But I think Squad is also doing it's fair share to attract and perpetuate these sorts of players too, by the sheer mechanics of the game.
  7. K/D RATIO

    I think you could transpose much of the Project Reality ruleset in regards to Firebases, Flags, and Spawning over onto Squad and it would improve the game play immediately. Quickly: 1) Rallies being more fragile (and needing to be in 'range' of a supporting Firebase to exist more than a few seconds) emphasizes the importance of good Firebase positioning 2) HABs/radios being overrun more readily, etc. would improve the tempo of the game and add depth forcing off-flag HABs 3) The flag capture/rate of bleed more aligned with PR would improve the tempo of the game from "Win Middle At All Costs" -- making the loss of the initial flag less of a death sentence for a team.
  8. K/D RATIO

    I think the OP is right on the money. This style of play even being allowed by the game mechanics is the core 'problem' with Squad right now given what Squad was intended to be as originally stated by the developers. There are a lot of pseudo-teamwork games (like Day of Infamy, Infiltration or even Battlefield) that sit in the same area that Squad sits in right now. That's simply not what Squad was originally billed as -- Squad was billed as the 'spiritual successor to PR' which is very teamwork intensive and rewards teamwork play and skews towards realism. But "Squad will get there, it's early alpha" you may say, however I say it's not possible right now without a serious re-do on some gameplay mechanics that will undoubtedly alienate a good chunk of the player base. To me as a customer with expectations of teamwork-oriented gameplay that still aren't being met ~3 years on? YES PLEASE -- make the damn changes to get the gameplay up to snuff. To Offworld who has to worry about revenue streams and total play hours on Steam? Maybe not such a good business idea to narrow the focus and lose potential sales. Spawning is one of the issues that the OP pointed out. That we're even talking about players being able to spawn and die 25+ times in a round, and acknowledging that this is an effective tactic, is a serious problem if you're trying to encourage a higher level of 'realism' and cooperative play that Squad originally intended to address. Ditto with the "meatgrinder" situation on flags and with HABs. Meatgrinders on caps are the same dull gameplay in any other shooter like Battlefield. It is the conscious result of a game mechanics choice by the developers -- it's not an accident. The developers are prizing instant and ongoing action over thoughtful gameplay. There is a varying of tempo in games like Project Reality (which is closest to Squad) or ARMA -- yet right now Squad's tempo is similar to run & gun shooter style games. Why? Because it's effective, and that's the way the developers intend it and have made it to be with core mechanics choices. The spawn system in Squad is biased insofar that it caters to delivering players to the action ASAP at the expense of a more paced gaming experience. The includes the way HABs/Radios work and flag capturing (and by extension of that, ticket and ticket loss). If you're trying to just have a fun and fast shooter, then that's fine and Squad is an interesting fast-paced shooter with some medium-sized assets to play with, and emplacements. It sure as hell isn't ever going to deliver the Project Reality style gaming experience unless the rules of the game change. There was a thread on Reddit for "What does Squad want to be?" a ways back, and it's still a valid question. The rhetoric from the developers say one thing, but the way the game actually plays says another.