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  1. The Playground [TPG]

    well said Doomlight
  2. Big Gucci Killas - Recruiting!

    @YuriIsLoveYuriIsLife i just do not understand how this keeps happening i have made other posts on server to later have them deleted by a mod and told by the mod to go sort it out in there discord. That will solve nothing they are always right and the player is always wrong nothing gets solved. the amount of toxicity in the community now is concerning
  3. Big Gucci Killas - Recruiting!

    i strongly recommend not playing on this server squad has had to many issues with server using sever admin abuse towards its player base i kicked 2 men from my squad they made a squad and tk'd me instead of removing them when i asked nicely they proceed to tell me im toxic and kick me from the server instead of the men that were tking this is becoming a sever issue in the community my opinion is if proof is provided licenses should be pulled