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  1. shuvel

    basic smashing animation when digging down help some players know what they are doing
  2. shuvel

    yay! made it into next build!
  3. A12.1 broke game

  4. A12.1 broke game

    Unkown file version (Squad/content/paks/Environments/blueprints.pak)
  5. Name : Battle for Umm Qasr Location : Iraq, Umm Qasr Size : 8km Teams : BAF vs Insurgents Gameplay : Insurgency, ASS, Invasion Description : Umm Qasr was the first military confrontation in the Iraq War focousing on Desert combat tanks will play a large role in the Brits attack 2 dense towns and market for infantry and close quarter combat where insurgents will have the advantage maps is designed with water vehicles in mind Brits main will be a carrier in the future Crashed container ship My 1st map, having fun filling it and happy to recieve any feedback or ideas Minimap: coming soon (having trouble rendering) Screenshots/Media: Main Town Market North Dock
  6. I'll wait...

    3 x 0-1
  7. Invasion/Insurgency 24/7 [EU/EN] Server

    when will server be back up?
  8. adding an animation/camera jerk when hit hard in armor would remove any invinsible feeling.
  9. Insurgency gamemode , we need it!

    looking forward to more maps suited to insurgency as much as i enjoy AAS
  10. Should i buy the game with my "update" pc

    yes, you will need to experiment with setting
  11. Forget this .

    I agree should free up important kits for the rest of the squad