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  1. shuvel

    yay! made it into next build!
  2. A12.1 broke game

  3. A12.1 broke game

    Unkown file version (Squad/content/paks/Environments/blueprints.pak)
  4. Name : Battle for Umm Qasr Location : Iraq, Umm Qasr Size : 8km Teams : BAF vs Insurgents Gameplay : Insurgency, ASS, Invasion Description : Umm Qasr was the first military confrontation in the Iraq War focousing on Desert combat tanks will play a large role in the Brits attack 2 dense towns and market for infantry and close quarter combat where insurgents will have the advantage maps is designed with water vehicles in mind Brits main will be a carrier in the future Crashed container ship My 1st map, having fun filling it and happy to recieve any feedback or ideas Minimap: coming soon (having trouble rendering) Screenshots/Media: Main Town Market North Dock
  5. shuvel

    basic smashing animation when digging down help some players know what they are doing
  6. I'll wait...

    3 x 0-1
  7. Invasion/Insurgency 24/7 [EU/EN] Server

    when will server be back up?
  8. adding an animation/camera jerk when hit hard in armor would remove any invinsible feeling.
  9. Insurgency gamemode , we need it!

    looking forward to more maps suited to insurgency as much as i enjoy AAS
  10. Should i buy the game with my "update" pc

    yes, you will need to experiment with setting
  11. Forget this .

    I agree should free up important kits for the rest of the squad