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  1. Steam Hetierremustdedu Age 17 Place of Origin United States Why do you wish to join I would like to play with a group of people I could get to know instead of switching with random teammates in every round of squad. What is your preferred class Rifleman with Optic, Crew member, Machine gunner, LAT or HAT, Grenadier, and Medic. What can you help 66th with Contribute in anyway I can with my amateur experience. What are your goals in 66th Have fun, cooperate with other members, and learn more techniques from training. I'm also busy in school at the moment, so I will try to log on anytime I can.
  2. TrackIR and Joystick control for Helicopters

    I am very much looking forward to the development of helicopters and I know many other people are. However, once they are introduced to Squad, I would very much like to see TrackIR v5 and Joystick control available with helicopters as it would be an easier approach for getting used to aircraft. Though it will take more time and resources, I ask that the developers take into consideration my request for introducing these with helicopters and are making it one of their future goals. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and TrackIR 5 Headset clip for my setup.