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  1. Bad FPS on good systems

    Update: I only got those drops on servers with many people on it, otherwise it stays at high fps.
  2. Bad FPS on good systems

    Yeah sure, i know that.. but people had this problems already 2 months ago..
  3. Low FPS after 2 - 3 minutes

    Yeah.. you can find many threads and users with these problems, when the round starts, i have 70-100 fps, great feeling, but then it drops to 30-40, its not really good. It feels scetchy..
  4. Bad FPS on good systems

    Yeah, i still got the problems, anyways, its a software problems, i'm pretty sure. But i think they wont fix it.
  5. Low FPS after 2 - 3 minutes

    No, i still have low fps after a couple of minutes. What the **** guys? Why you sell a game like this.. the gameplay and teamplay is amazing.. why don't you fix it? I've seen many threads from users with the same problem.. i even tried ddu..
  6. Low FPS after 2 - 3 minutes

    Hello, thanks for your reply. Its a new PC, its nearly 2 weeks old. The drivers are fresh installed. I changed this in my pc options: And played one full round and i have 70-100 fps now. Maybe its because the server wasn't full of players, maybe its because i changed it. Before i changed it, the current setting was: But i have an i7 7700.. so yeah. I will update the post tomorrow when i played a round with 80 people.
  7. Hello, i just bought squad. The game is very funny, but its unplayable for me. When the round starts, i got 80-90 fps on the maximum settings. After a couple of minutes it starts to get lower and lower.. like 30-40 fps.. My Computer: Windows 10 Pro Activated Intel Core i7-7700 3,6ghz(Boost 4,20 ghz) Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb 16gigs of ram (2400mhz) If i lower the graphic settings i don't get more fps, so yeah.. temperature is ok, between 50 and 60.. I also tried to google, i did everything what i found, nothing has helped me. I'm running the newest drivers. //Edit Games like PUBG runs just perfect.. I already tried to clear my user cache. Just installed Squad today.