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  1. To the General Public, recently our very own SSG Johnson recently lost a longtime and best friend to an unfortunate suicide. This friend of his was also Military as is SSG Johnson. We aim to achieve a goal of $1800.00 in which we are donating in Johnsons name to Mission 22, a program that provides 100% coverage to veterans suffering from PTS and TBI's (Traumatic Brain Injuries). $1800.00 is the average cost for a 6 month Endobiogeny program to support veterans suffering from PTS and gives them individual care directed to that specific persons needs. As a Milsim gaming unit, we find it is only proper that we take a stand against veteran suicide and give a piece of ourselves to a cause that helps work with our Veterans who face the battlefields not from a computer screen but face to face. A majority of Milsim groups within Arma and Squad consist of those very veterans and some of which we have known have faced the struggle themselves. Help the 10SFG fight for a cause to help end veterans suicide and give hope to those who may have lost it all. Our GoFundMe is linked in this topic. The Information pertaining to the charity is labeled in the GoFundMe's donation page as well as the charities EIN for those who want to make sure your money is going to the right place. If youd like more information on the Charity itself, please visit www.mission22.com. Our GoFundMe for this occasion is as follows: https://www.gofundme.com/mission-22a-fallen-battle-buddy