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  1. Video drivers are all up to date it usually happens 5 minutes in or after dying.
  2. still looking for a fix please let me know if you find something people with lower end pcs receiving better fps than I is stupid does not work for me but thank you for trying
  3. I have tried this already made no difference. 40 fps is ridiculous idk whats wrong with V10
  4. I've been playing squad before v10 with great performance and no problem with FPS. Since the new update it seems my FPS just got worse and my FPS seems to drop by decibels of 20-30 each time I respawn? I used to play squad with 90+ FPS in V9, now Im lucky to get back there. At the beginning of a round performance is fine but as the round goes on my FPS declines to the 40-50's. Why is this? its really frustrating, I know its not my PC holding me back its something to do with V10. I dont have VSYNC enabled or anything. I was playing squad last night finally and the problem didn't occur and I was at the 80's region I thought the problem fixed but I guess not. I've searched all around and haven't been able to find a solution. PC: GTX 1080 8GB i7-7700k 4.2 GHZ 16 GB Ram