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  1. Keyboard Layout

    There is a keyboard remapping program out there which I can't remember the name of unfortunately. It allows you to change your keyboard layout for any game.
  2. I would have most definitely had picked Iran. Why is it not in the list!!! The perfect faction because it could fight Insurgents, Militia, UK and US. A nice variety of weapons to pick from and some cool (outdated) AT gun platforms rather than tows etc. Would be a great addition. Please restart the list hahaha. How did you forget Iran? They''re always at war dude! and Pakistan!
  3. It's as simple as that. Why don't we allow players to go into the range whilst queuing. Yeah, some people like to browse the internet, check the forum or do more adult activities but; wouldn't it be nice to fire down range, encourage players to practice other equipment to avoid being too scared to use a RPG/GL classes etc. I know I'd love to become even more accustomed to unfamiliar classes! Not a bad idea.
  4. Fix Bullet Physics

    The first video, if you listen carefully you can hear someone changing their equipment directly behind you. You got shot in the head, behind you! The second video clearly shows you missed. First bullet misses the enemies elbow by milometers and then the recoil kicked very sharply of to the right and continues to miss. I only ever see my recoil kicking off like that when I've put the wrong mouse input. I think you've done the same when caught a little by surprise, we've all done it! We all know how unforgiving the recoil is in this game. I quite like the recoil mechanics.
  5. Helping the community

    Thanks for making things so fun for a lot of us. QFF WILL be missed. It's funny how people take things for granted and realise something good has gone when it's too late. People like myself! If at any time you guys feel like trying a second time; then I'm more than happy to help!
  6. Hi anyone or everyone For whatever reason I can't find the [QFF] server on the server list and it's as frustrating as hell. It's my one and only go to place for the best that squad has to over in regards to player quality! Please don't tell me they've disband, Jenny! What's going on!
  7. Precisely.. wait a sec, you saying I get angry? I don't think I've played with you Crusty and I'm pretty a don't get angry with people.
  8. That's a very good point. Shout out compass direction to whole squad in squad comms and give degrees to people close to you in local comms! Nice shout DEG.
  9. I know this thread is about SL's but what I'm about to say relates to comms. Time after time you always get that guy in Squad comms saying "watch out dude hes right around the corner!" which makes every single squad member lose their concentration to check this so call right hand corner. Please, just please, for the love of god USE local chat when splurting out a warning like that! Same goes for "grenade!", "behind you!", "watch your left!", "heal me!", "hes over there", "on me!", "they're chasing me!", "GET DOWN!", "where i'm pointing". Please just use local chat intelligently.
  10. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    My FPS has shot up out of the roof however, I know exactly what you mean. Everything is smoother not in a fps sense. Just looking at the map you can see vehicle icons slide slightly out of place whilst moving. I think this has a lot to do with what the devs have done in regards to illuminating unnecessary information that didn't require to be so accurate. Creating more breathing room for our CPU's. You'll also notice the movement animations of a soldier is less twitchy. Too many calculations were being sent to the recipient that was watching another player move. This is probably why you see and feel everything slightly smoother because there are fewer calculations between movement and between those gaps has been replaced by a smooth transition, cleverly done by the devs to hide what is going on in the background. Not many players will notice this but if you're particularly sensitive to light or dyslexic (like me) your brain will notice this more than others.
  11. I know this won't be much use to you 10 series people but I have a 980ti and my performance increase is phenomenal to the point where it's completely smooth throughout since v11. I really hope the devs get a quick fix on this and keep every fan happy.
  12. Post Scriptum Keys

    It's basically anyone who bought the game before Steam launch.
  13. Post Scriptum Keys

    Are you sure you're a kickstarter supporter?