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  1. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Oh fair enough then. Must admit I'm a little surprised that your experiences are the opposite. Interesting how me and a group of friends all found it so difficult, not quite sure why that is to be honest. I respectfully can understand that the iron-sight can give the illusion of more recoil but I'm one of those weirdos who prefers the iron sight over any optics. I don't have the same experience with the AK iron-sight or any other iron-sight in the game from other rifles or at least for those standard modernised army rifles. Question is, if there is an illusion of more recoil using the L85, then why is it in the game in the first place? Surely a illusion is precisely what it is, an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience. So in that case, something is wrong. I can only go based of my own experiences but I'm still convinced something isn't quite right with the L85 iron-sight, there is a disconnect to what your gun is doing in relation to what is actually happening in the background creating an illusion.
  2. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    No-one has an opinion on this?
  3. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    I like what you're trying to achieve, I just can't help think it sounds rather complicated for a already complicated game. Cashing in and cashing out on vehicles as they return to base adds extra complications to something that could be resolved using a more simple approach in my humble opinion.
  4. What is everyone's experience with the L85A2's recoil since the v12.1 patch? Me and a large group of friends popped onto a server together and were adjusting nicely to the new recoil mechanics even though most of my comrades hate the new system. It wasn't until we played the British that we realised something is horrifically wrong with the L85A2 bullpup's recoil. It's atrocious! We all agreed full auto was next to useless unless in confined spaces because the recoil is so aggressive. It's alarming how aggressive it kicks for a bullpup. Bullpup or not it doesn't matter, even for balance reasons it doesn't make sense. The iron sight hasn't much improved and still needs narrowing compared to all other rifles on any side. I'd love to hear peoples opinion on this.
  5. I think the devs are going to hang fire on re-balancing vehicles until all ambitions are met in regards to, disabling tracks/wheels, turret, engine and ammo rack damage. Until these are fully implemented I find it hard to suggest anything as this could change everything. What I hope to find is eventually because of the increased possibility of disabling any said vehicle, the threat of vehicles won't be so bad and players who crew them won't want to have the hassle of repairing them so frequently. Which will encourage a more reserved, backbench support role in some situations. In it's current state (v12) mbt's like to just drive into a enemy FOB and blow everything up. I think tank crew or any crew for that matter will think twice when lighter AT equipment can damage their tracks to turn them into a sitting duck. Ready to die and wait for a 20 minute re-spawn before they can use it again. I think the devs are working to something really great. We just have to be patient. It's an alpha after all!
  6. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    If you're suggesting we have limited supplies to vehicles then when that supply reaches to zero, surely you end up with the same result? No vehicles. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say, it's almost like we're both saying the same thing. Only that tickets are represented as limited spawn. It's still the same thing, just I think my idea is better Whether you have limited spawns to vehicles or you have a separate ticket count for vehicles from the main pool of tickets. They will both create similar results surely? Only difference I can see is if you were to put separate spawn counts on the variety of vehicles, say, two for MBT's, 3 for IFV, 4 for APCs etc. Which would stop repeating MBT suicide if only we weren't using a re-spawn timer which is designed to do precisely that, slow down vehicle spamming. Whether some players don't care or not it still subsidises it. Adding a spawn count to lets say a MBT to 2 spawns, but still keeping the 20 minute re-spawn timer will still create the same result in a 1 Hour and 10 minute game. Because you can only use the MBT twice! I still think a separate vehicle ticket pool would help far better in letting crews understand bad decisions when they're taking from their own ticket pool and other heavy vehicle users. If they don't care, at least they're not ruining it for the rest of the team by taking their tickets. Transport and other similar vehicles should be included in the team/main ticket pool so not to completely ruin mobility and transport. Be as simple as Team Tickets: 400, Armoured Tickets: 200. Numbers are just as an example and the names could be whatever is best. Which vehicles full under what ticket pool is something to debate. If team tickets run out, then you lose like you do traditionally, whether you still have Armoured Tickets left or not.
  7. Vehicle ticket count

    Has there really? That's sarcasm. If it's your prefered idea please don't reply with a flippant reply to dismiss mine. Thank you. Edit: I like how you've edited your post to make it more constructive after my reply. Brilliant. To only then call me a big girls blouse directly after this post. I suppose you're going to edit your posts some more are we? I'm not going to reply. Let's keep on topic.
  8. Vehicle ticket count

    Just thinking of an alternative solution to tickets running too fast or slow based on the behaviour of tank crew and ticket values being changed by the devs. Why can't we have a separate ticket count for armoured/tanks etc? You would have your standard infantry ticket pool which includes light vehicles for transport maybe possibly APC's can be included in that (up for debate). and.. a tank/IFV (up for debate) ticket pool for well armoured support vehicles. This will be limited compared to the main infantry pool. The intention is to make tank crew etc think twice in wasting their own ticket pool. Basically to stop them from going rambo and draining tickets from the main pool and ruining it for the rest of the team whilst making them consider their own. Hope this makes sense!
  9. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    I didn't say they did care about vehicles tickets, those particular players just don't care full stop. Only thing I was suggesting is that lowering the tickets for vehicles will also make the type of player who does care, not care! Because strategically why would you if the tickets are so low? It will just encourage the entirety of the player base to not care even more so. Exactly. We may as well have zero tickets for vehicles if this is the case which I believe it isn't the right solution. Of the top of my head, maybe a separate ticket count is needed for armoured support vehicles?? Maybe a separate ticket count for armoured/support vehicles?? I'm always awesome with everything
  10. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    It only encourages that behaviour now, which I'm sure we can at least all agree, has definitely been the case with v12. People literally drive around like it's wacky races not giving a damn about 10 tickets. Why would they? It could be literally anything balance wise. Be interesting today to see what they are! To OP I completely agree with you. It didn't make sense to me either when I first saw it but just awesomed that will undoubtable change after we see the effects!
  11. Complexities

    You're on point. I have stopped playing for the last couple of weeks because I'm also witnessing the same behaviour. Squads have become separated into their own endeavours. The feeling of working in a squad along side another squad for an overall team goal has almost completely disappeared. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but that is how it feels. Fog of War is certainly going to make things interesting. It's not going to stop people from rushing ahead. Players aren't bound to the capture objectives displayed on their maps and will no doubt rush forward regardless to get that upper hand. It still won't fix anything that we're currently talking about in my opinion.
  12. I like the idea with buffering local ambience when incapacitated and locking the ability to locally speak. However, it would be a shame to not be able to at least hear your teammates communicate between themselves whilst you’re down. I think it would massively damage quality of life being stuck in your own world momentarily. Not to mention you wouldn’t be able to hear a medics instruction if they’re reviving you. Like, “Don’t give up I’m reviving you!” or “Crawl to me after I revive you”. Don’t get me wrong, muting local chat for the dead is a good idea in my opinion. Muting EVERYTHING or preventing you from communicating in squad comms when dead would damage cohesion and quality of comms for a squad. Imagine a squad leader losing the ability to talk to his squad because he’s dead or he can only talk to a handful of members because most of them are dead. It would quite literally destroy the flow of the game. If there was such a system to muting you when dead it would certainly stop wounded public players from calling out their opponents location. Clan members or a group of friends using an out of game VOIP wouldn't necessarily gain a huge advantage over public players neither. In fact, it would be more of a nuisance for them. Local voice always has the advantage for everyone because it doesn't take up the main channel of communicate which is Squad Voice or the clans/friends main VOIP channel. Nothing is worse than having two members communicate where an enemy is to the entirety of the team who don’t require that information. Whether that is through Squad Voice or an VOIP. Local Voice should be used to communicate locally between two live players but not to be used as a passage to the dead. The more I think about it the more I feel like this is a bit of a minefield. Mute local voice and players will annoy or use squad voice instead. Disable squad voice as well and you damage cohesion.
  13. Why are the tank guns so slow to move?

    Check out a thread I posted about exactly this in the suggestion forum. It'll explain a lot and most people agree in some respect. They just need to add WASD keys so we don't keep lifting our mouse of our pads whilst trying to traverse the turret. It would be a great quality of life improvement for the gunner.
  14. Just because one game doesn't follow precisely the real life capabilities of every peace of equipment doesn't mean it'll be turned into another game like Battlefield haha. I'm just glad the devs have a steady hand on implementing a feeling of reality, that's all I'm going to say. They will get the balance correct, eventually.
  15. I think if we implemented every armies equipment accurately we'll never have a balanced game!!