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  1. customization / ranking

  2. customization / ranking

    I partly like your thinking but I don't believe unlocking or any kind of reward should be given to anyone. I came from Counter-Strike 1.6 about 15 years ago... shit. When reward systems or unlocking was starting to be introduced to shooters (partly thanks to World of Warcraft), it was masking essentially the core values of a game and what you should actually be getting pleasure from. Problem with shooters today is that they are designed mostly for the short term and any kind of leveling or unlocking is a way to tap into our natural instinct to work for those rewards. Not necessarily enjoy the game for what it's worth. Squad does an amazing job of keeping people playing and with further improvements, I believe it will increasingly get popular. Although I don't mind a symbol of sorts representing someones time spent as a quick reference to someone's experience. It has to do with absolutely nothing with rank though as some plonkers will actually think they, outrank someone.
  3. Staying in one position has always been considered the worst thing anyone can do. After firing you'll give every surrounding player the whereabouts of your position and make eyes twizzle to your direction. Prone is a very situational thing to use and generally has to be careful when used. Instead, you should use elevated terrain, dips, and the cover as your concealment having the constant ability to conceal yourself from prying eyes whenever you please. Crouching and fast movement to be proactive and not reactive to a situation is a lot more effective. Prone leaves you very limited and is usually used as a last-ditch effort to protect yourself from incoming fire.
  4. Situational awareness is probably the most important thing alongside quick and concise shooting. I hate to say this but also a good computer helps. In my competitive days I was obsessed with having a good ping and great FPS. Having the edge naturally gives you the upper hand.
  5. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    I can't see how me expressing the importance of improvements to the medic specifically has anything to do with generic arcade shooters. I'm not suggesting a Medic that goes round zapping everyone to full health if you tried to interpret my posts properly. They are quality of life improvements, not skips or easy mode. Simple but effective solutions that would allow the majority of players who play Squad, actually enjoy the Medic role more! and not because you have to revive less which v12 has currently introduced. I think I've already expressed that I stand in the middle ground when it comes to mil-sim and shooters. In fact I'm with you, the essence of the mil-sim characteristics of Squad is slowly disappearing and sure enough, if it carries on towards that direction, then the player count will flat-line. People always seem to freak out when momentum is mentioned, like someone is suggesting a gameplay flow more along the lines of Call Of Duty. Frankly, that just isn't the case. If the devs wanted to create something like that then they've certainly gone a backhanded approach. Everyone in their right mind knows that momentum has been on the dev's agenda for awhile now (which does not mean Call Of Duty pace style but actually keeping to a medium or slow pace but not losing momentum. Which means keeping up momentum, hence the careful use of the word MOMENTUM, of course though, that has been completely taken out of context) . Some of the mechanics recently added I consider quick fixes (if you want to call them that), and aren't really doing anything for the game. Like the removal of insta death, the buddy rally system and the all revive system (which this thread is specifically about). What I've been trying to get across is the very reason the medic is/has become less important and the complications it creates to people impulsively giving up which degrades teamwork. We have no dedicated revival class anymore, people have gone out of the habit of even considering there is someone to revive them. After all, why wait to be fully healed after a soldier has revived you when your rally wasn't too far in the first place. The whole system is flawed and it has everything to do with the Medic not being supplied with the correct quality of life improvements it so drastically has always needed! The actual problem is there is ZERO compromise from hardcore mil-sim advocates that actually, as a result, none of their ideas or anyone elses for that matter get constructively built on these forums. Instead everyone creates an aneurysm talking about whats real and whats arcady. No wonder the devs go in blind sometimes. I don't think anyone here for one second wants an arcade shooter. We want teamwork, immersion, flow, and what Squad does or should still be doing is producing that mil-sim flare because it IS it's unique selling point.
  6. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    I think partly the reason revival to all is now available is because it's one method of dealing with players avoiding the Medic role because of it's convoluted revival system that doesn't keep to speed with the rest of the momentum of the game. Essentially what post v12 has done is lesson the responsibility and moved it onto others. Players are clicking give-up quicker then ever now and introducing a further punishing mechanic to those that were previously incapacitated will only encourage players to click give-up further. It wouldn't please any side of the camp unfortunately. I still don't understand why instant death has been removed. I genuinely believe it's an attempt to encourage revivals but it essentially has had very little impact. The essence and importance of revival was always reinforced by dedicated Medics pre v12 but the role lacked any quality of life that even the most dedicated team-players had to have a rest from the role once and awhile. The momentum of Squad has been increasing but the Medic has gradually been left to fall behind with its sluggish revival mechanics and terrible quality of life, that even 2 Medics couldn't support a 9-man squad anyway! It's a poor show if you ask me
  7. One example how I've used the engineer is I created a three man squad, 1 SQ, 1HAt, 1 Engineer and we grabbed a MRAP. Parked outside the enemy FOB and mine the crap out of everything whilst re-arming at the MRAP with the HAT and Engineer. I'm not sure if this is what the devs had in mind. I suppose you could blame the opposite team for not doing anything about it but I'm not a fan myseelf.
  8. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    Thank you for a comprehensive reply, really appreciate it! The irony in all this is I actually agree with pretty much to of all your points apart from one I understand what you're saying but it doesn't settle with me. "Nobody needs to focus on healing, since everybody has too... a little" is what I get from reading that . Everyone does need to focus on healing at some point, in some situations, sometimes more often than usual and not so much in others. It's true, reviving is less repetitive for the Medic class now. The onus of reviving has now been spread across the board but, I personally think there is a much better way to going about this. I'm not suggesting anything convoluted here and neither am I suggesting a realistic comprehensive medical system that you would expect from a dedicated mil-sim. Neither am I suggesting that revive for everyone should be abolished. What I will say though is Pre v12 revive system had a very poor quality of life mechanics for the medics and that is what was the underlying problem to players not enjoying the Medic roll. It wasn't because no-one wanted to revive anyone, it was because it was such a chore to do so! It was very apparent no-one enjoyed keeping their head down for prolong periods of time to play juggles with their field dressing and heal bag, all whilst keeping your head down in the dirt feeling pretty vulnerable. It wasn't fun and Medics deserved a better piece of the action. Post v12 has moved the clumsy mechanic away from the Medic and put it onto others, it has, improved the Medics life because you don't have to do it so often. That doesn't mean that it wasn't flawed in the first place Why wasn't there more effort put into the Medic's mechanics in interacting with injured and incapacitated players in the first place? Drastically improving the Medics quality of life. A Medics Bag for example, could have covered both rolls of the Field Dressing and Heal Bag which would have eliminated 'juggling'. Instead of having to switch between the field dressing and heal bag back and fourth again. A medics bag would have done both jobs and would have been less clumsy. A Kit for revive or defibrillator that could be placed near an incapacitated player would have eliminated the face down, watching red cross slowly turn to green element completely and would have further made the Medic to being more of a Combat Medic. Now having the ability to place a revive kit down to do its work whilst you cover an protect with your gun or using Medic Bag allowing for multi tasking.
  9. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    Overhaul/improved medic doesn't necessarily mean a realistic procedural medical system. Otherwise I would have said that. The thread title says Opinion Poll Medic & Revives. I also posted my original post on here explaining along the lines of what I was talking about. Again, typical of a gaming forum, everything is taken out of context and twisted. Kinda getting fed up of posting on here. Never anything constructive is made.
  10. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    That's ok then because I wouldn't like anyone to be taking out of context. Especially when no-one had even brought it up. A topic for another time. Let's keep on subject.
  11. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    I want quite the opposite to realism when it comes to medical procedures. I don't know where you got the idea that I wanted medical procedures. I think you might be landing me into the stereotypical type that would like a comprehensive system. I don't, in fact what I'm suggesting would just improve quality of life and the sufficiency of the medic role which would have general good impact on the Squad whether other roles kept their revives or not. I haven't seen enough of that level of cooperation personally. Do you play on the US servers or Europe, just curious.
  12. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    I don't know if anyone else thinks in similar ways but wouldn't it be better if other classes didn't have to focus on part-time medic roles and focus on combat instead. I think having everyone revive was an attempt to increase momentum for the game and players in general however, if the medic was to have careful attention on it's core mechanics, quality of life and equipment improvements I think it'll add further appeal and depth to the Medic class and the 9-man squad dynamic. I'm rarely seeing medic classes played anymore and I'm not surprised. I'm also noticing that players are clicking give-up instantly when incapacitated. Why wait to be revived only to have to find a medic when you can just spawn in again.... Also, I've noticed myself that when I do play Medic, I don't commit myself to reviving others anymore as it's more of a risk to me trying to get to their location, when a teammate who is already MUCH closer by can do it for me. The irony in all this is that it's now risking the survivability of soldier having to revive the other player and as a whole from a 9 man Squad respective it's then putting everyone at risk not focusing on their main roles! and all this is essentially turning the medic into a heal terminal for others. Reviving altogether has been diluted and I think it's being lost because previously incapacitated players who have been revived by a non-medic have to put in half the leg work to get fixed up. It's much easier to click give-up. Most players don't even realise that a non-medic role player is on their way to revive them, either because they're in a separate squad or the risk of comms floating squad chat. I miss seeing a medic making his way over to you on the map, knowing full well someone is making a attempt to revive you AND knowing you'll be in 100% working order if the medic is successful. Rarely do I see in the end-game scoreboard medics having 15, 20, 25+ revives to their name anymore. Handing out the revive ability, I believe over the long term has impacted it negatively as the incentive to do so and as a result it has dwindled. Medics weren't fun for most people because their mechanics created poor quality of life. I don't think anything has improved for the class. It played an important part to communication and cohesion of a Squad on their survivability and encouraged cooperation between players. It's an aspect that I believe has been lost on public games. I use to enjoy playing grenadier a lot, focusing on tasks at hand like clearing, continuing the push. Now though I'm constantly being stalled by someone crying out for help when I know it should be a medic that has me covered for that. Most medics get shot up now as there is no immediately direct need to play their role reasonably well, that and it's still not an attractive role to grab! Generally speaking, having everyone revive has basically shifted the onus onto everyone and hasn't actually benefited Squad when some clever mechanics for the medic class could have saved a lot of the problems.
  13. Buddy rally poll

    Yep. It's a complete grind fest. Both teams are essentially locked in. Nothing else to do or be but fight, fight, fight on the same area. Terrible, I've played a few games but I couldn't stand witnessing what the community predicted. I can't play it like this
  14. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    It's obvious the OP is stressing his points with a lot of emotion. Let's not tackle him down for that. In his eyes, these features that he and many of us don't like are a at least gamebreaking to him.. Whether you interpret the word differently is another thing and we shouldn't be getting into debates of the use of his words, especially as it isn't his mother tongue! Point 1: I Agree. Buddy spawns in on buddies rally, Goes and places a rally somewhere. Another buddy spawns on that rally, goes and places a rally somewhere else. Chain effect, creates unlimited rallies to choose from and there is no way that the opposition can find them all. (This was implemented all because of the inaccessibility of transport (mid game). Point 2: I agree. Squad is slowly punishing us less for our mistakes generally speaking for a lot of things. Hence the buddy rally system and now no perma-death. Point 3: I Agree. 10% Movement speed is a very strange route to go down. Often I hear people saying that in some game situations it has turned into a "running simulator". Again, this is because of the inaccessibility of transport (mid game). Suggestion: FOB's can build a garage for just transport and can recall abandoned vehicles. Just something to help think outside the box. Point 3: Meh. Perhaps time could have been put else where. I've always found lip movement in games immersion breaking because we aren't quite there yet technology wise for it to look realistic, it just looks too comical/amusing to watch. Love the hand gestures though and the QL hand to head when in command chat.
  15. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    I like your thinking. I'm also of the opinion that Medics alone should be the only ones to revive however..... if it must stay the way it is, then perhaps the medic can be far more sufficient at it, and I don't mean just being faster at reviving. Currently when reviving someone you're at a pretty useless vulnerable state, medic or grunt. Perhaps this can stay for grunts as its still kinda used as a last resort to revive your teammates as a grunt....but what if the medic's equipment allows him to not have such a hard time reviving like the others? Instead of the Medic having field dressings, why doesn't he have a Medic Bag which heals AND stems bleeds (using just left-click, right-click fixes yourself) so he doesn't have to switch between his heal bag and field dressings every time. For reviving he has a Revive kit that he places down and attaches it on the incapacitated (like a defibrillator), it charges up and revives the soldier all whilst the medic has his gun out and moving about which others soldiers can't do. He could also be healing or steming bleeds of other soldiers with his Medic Bag whilst also reviving at the same time.