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  1. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I try and get myself to play Squad Lead once every 3 rounds. Only because it's a struggle at times when on a consistent losing side to find anyone who wants to be QL. I'm gradually improving but for the most part what makes it frustrating is your actual squad members not trying to make your life easier. Other roles I enjoy is the Grenadier, a role that doesn't get used properly more than often. Medic, I enjoy playing reserved and doing a good job to keep my squad momentum going. Reguraly I find I die the least when playing medic and you actually get to enjoy the game from a different perspective. I very much enjoy the AT role too as the whole squad depends on you at a crucial moment.
  2. Hahah true that! Would encourage further teamwork.
  3. Dragging is being implemented soon isn't it? Can't wait for that feature. I still think it would coincide better with a Revive Kit. The developers in their recaps/blogs have expressed pacing and momentum a lot recently and having drag coincide with the current system only prolongs the healing process. The whole process currently with the drag ability would be something like this Get to your teammate safely > Grab him > Drag Him > Set him down > pull out Field Dressing > Apply Dressing > Wait 10 seconds > Pull out Medic Bag > Apply Healing > Wait 10 seconds > Teammate Revives > Reapply Healing > Wait 10 seconds > Done. Currently without the drag system it takes approximately 30 seconds to stem bleed and revive back to full health. If you don’t believe me watch this video and get your stopwatch out. All I'm suggesting is that adding drag in the games current state would slow pacing and momentum. With a Revive kit I think they would complement each other really well. The process would be Get to your teammate safely > Grab him > Drag Him > Set him down > Pull out Revive kit > Activate it > Pick it up afterwards. The biggest difference being that there is no 30 seconds for the medic between stem bleed and revive to full health! Only for the incapacitated. Those 30 seconds where the medic doesn’t have his revive kit he can bandage and heal others or wait out and protect with his gun out. He can't revive until he has his revive kit back. Purely situational what he decides to do with his time. He might have an abundant of people to heal or protect or he might not; but his survival ability has increased twofold. I don’t think I’m being appreciated what I’m trying to achieve with the developers. You guys are suggesting an advanced medical system when the developers are adding a 7 second revive ability to the medic in Alpha 11.3 !?!?! Not just that they are making it so you’re not only the reviving god anymore! You go on about me making the medic less valuable when I’m trying to compromise with the developers! Medics work their asses off for sure and it would be nice if the scoring would show where they have been let down by crew etc. Definitely needs to be implemented.
  4. Your examples are very situational on the basis that your team and squad have wasted vehicles, resulting in bad performance but what about those prime examples where overall performance has been good? Resulting in tickets not being wasted? Your opinion is based purely on the worst situation and based on this you’re implying that medics aren’t as important than everyone thinks. You said that revives are a good indication to how well a medic has performed and then go on to say it isn’t exactly the medics fault if they haven't got any revives. Yes I’m confused. My suggestion is to improve a medics overall performance, quality of life and have a positive effect on the pacing of the game and squad momentum. It will have a direct impact on revives yes but it’ll also benefit in other areas. You said medics revives aren’t important because they’re wasted by others wasting vehicles. A purely situational opinion. What I was trying to explain is revives do have a massive impact on the overall team and not just on the squad. You’re pulling me up on something you said, not me. This is purely situational again. I could scan the scoreboard and look at revives compared to deaths of squad members but who is to say they didn’t all get blown up in a truck or ambushed by a BTR or just got in a shit load of trouble. On the other hand, a medic could have just walked into a room full of another friendly squads incapacitated bodies, it still doesn’t mean they’re a good medic. You CAN’T always tell if a medic has been performing well on the basis of revive score and squad deaths. You said it yourself but then to go on to say that you can. I'd like to agree that you CAN, and you CAN'T always tell as every situation is different. One example might apply when another doesn't. Please can someone tell me how to delete a quote!
  5. When a soldier has been downed the squad is already in an engaged state with the threat rather than dealing with a man down. It is everyone's role (except the medic) to deal with the threat rather than the incapacitated. It's further escalated in heated or heavily contested areas where risking worrying about saving an already downed soldier will most probably get yourself killed because the communication and time taken distracts from any further threats. This is why I have to disagree for this very reason, I rarely see this teamwork you're worried about losing. Medics currently just keep their heads down whilst reviving with a quick call to "cover me" which doesn't get ignored; but to suggest teamwork will be decreased because of the Revive Kit I can't see it. The medic still has to be covered to do his duties with his gun in, or out as much as any other role needs to be covered and protected to do theirs. If anything I believe the pace has been steadily increasing! Ok.. we did have smaller maps to begin with but the developers have been using the word momentum a lot recently in the recaps and patch notes! They directly want to increase the pace of Squad, not decrease it. We can ONLY make judgment on the present just as much as I CAN'T make judgment of myself in 10 years time. It's impossible but what we can do is suggest the future. So that is what we're all doing isn't it? An advanced medical system. Hmmm I dunno dude. Just be aware that you run the risk of scaring the living shit out of a newcomer to the medic. We want to entice people to play the role, not scare them off. A typical average mainstream player new to medic could be put off the second they're confronted by an advanced medical system, minigame, skillcheck when all they want to do is revive a downed comrade. It's quite an alien introduction. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one! But it does sound cool, perhaps explained further as a new suggestion might give us more incite.
  6. I'm curious to why you think my suggestion will decrease the need for teamwork. Could you elaborate please? I can imagine a diagnostic treatment system working fantastic in a game like ArmA however, I just can't see how it will fit in a game like Squad where the tempo is at a much faster pace. It's so much more incredibly intense especially when fighting over a extremely hot contested area where you're dealing with multiple dead guys. I can't help but think it's essentially a game within a game to make the game better! I don't want to sound sarcastic but I played the board game Surgeon when I was younger, it's fun!... for awhile. Reviving is a lot more repetitive in Squad than ArmA is in a typical setting. I'm struggling to understand this one Correct me if I miss understand but essentially what you're both saying is if you introduce a diagnostic game for a medic and they had "skills" then they will be a better medic just like any other role currently? If that is the case then what you're implying is that players with "skills" who are currently playing medic are skilless because they don't have a diagnostic system in place? There is way more skill required than you might think for a medic to survive in the first place and get to their injured comrades without taking a bullet to the face. What more skill do you want!? I'm sorry but I have to out right disagree here! Medics have a HUGE impact on the overall performance of a team. Yes you could look at the score board and say "meh, our two medics only gained 15 tickets back" but times that by four for a typical 4 squad team and that 60 tickets gained! You would have to lose two warriors AND a logi truck to lose those tickets!! What's even worse is if the medics weren't doing their job that would leave you with -60 tickets... Imagine losing by 1 ticket (I've seen it happen a many occasion) because you had idiot drivers and idiot medics..... Everyone else did their job correctly so why is the medic role not important I ask? The medics do have an overall impact on the end score but they have a huge and I mean huge impact on their squads overall performance. Two decent medics can increase their squads survivability and momentum to achieve unfavorable odds in capturing an objective! They may not always have the score to prove their worth but a well timed rescue of the Squad Leader to get that rally down might just turn the battle! Even the best Medics don't always have a good revive score because the enemy has been pretty terrible. Don't judge as medics skill by their revive score, especially if they're in a good squad/team. What you have to worry about is why a Medic has so many revives! It all comes down to each squads play style that has a direct impact on a medics score and a medics play style that has a direct impact on the rest of the squads individual score. They're intertwined to manipulate each others score basically
  7. I thought I covered this in my first post haha You will have both! Revive Kit for revives only and Medic Bag for holding your Field Dressings and healing capability. Revive Kit revives, Medic Bag stems bleeds and heals, it doesn't revive. Quote: The Revive Kit (defibrillator) will fill the inventory slot replacing what was the Field Dressing for the Medic. Instead of kneeling down and applying the Revive Kit, you can place it by an incapacitated teammate. This will then begin to charge up with an audio indication. You can pull your gun out, move around or heal others or stem bleeds with your Medic Bag whilst this is happening. Once fully charged it zaps the incapacitated teammate and revives them. You will then be able to pick up the Revive Kit after a successful revive and continue to revive others or do other medic duties. Your teammate will automatically regain health after being revived unless injured again which will interrupt the automatic healing process. Your recently revived teammate is still in bad shape at 1% health and is likely to only move into cover to recover. Pros: Can heal others or Stem bleeds whilst resuscitation is taking place. Revive and heal process still takes just as long for the individual who is incapacitated. Can protect yourself and others whilst reviving increasing squad survivability & momentum. Medic's time can now be used else where in other medic duties. Reduces prolong time staring at the ground (or restricted view in free look) Overall a very unique cool little piece of kit Not complicated (maybe for the devs to implement ) Can activate your Revive Kit for teammate, carry on running with your squad so to not be left behind and then request a ammo drop (next patch) so to receive your revive kit back rather than having to fetch it. Which indirectly again helps with squad survivability & momentum.
  8. I understand where you’re coming from but you are comparing my suggestion and trying to implement it in the Alpha 11.3 changes where it wouldn’t work. That is not what I’m suggesting here. My thinking behind the Revive Kit is a future alternative to the changes that will take place in Alpha 11.3. I said in my original post that I’m skeptical that Alpha 11.3 will bring anything new for the medic in playability. I’m comparing my Revive Kit suggestion to the current system (11.2) in relation to revive times, as I think it might actually be a better alternative than slamming a 7 second revive for medics and a 14 for non-medics. I’m not expecting the devs to make a sudden U-turn either but it’s something to consider in the future. I didn’t think it was a bad idea as it tackles certain aspects of the medic a lot of players don’t enjoy whilst also having a positive impact on the gameplay dynamics in regards to squad survivability etc. I hope that makes more sense! Responding to your question on implementation. I wouldn’t expect any game developer to make an elaborate animation for the Revive Kit just as much as I wouldn’t expect them fully animate a Squad Leader placing an FOB down Unpacking>Placing>plugging in>turning on>tuning it etc. It would be just as straight forward as placing it down and attaching to the body, keep it simple. It’s possibly a slight improvement to the GOD HANDS, at least you’re placing equipment to help your comrade. My intention isn’t so medic can run off and have a gun battle. In fact, I would imagine it would be very much frowned upon if a medic was to run off without his Revive Kit unless he has a perfectly good reason! He needs that kit back, he has a duty to save lives. The difference being is he can now interact with the rest of the world and is even more valuable than before. Being able to revive and heal/stem at the same time make him a greater asset and increases momentum. I really appreciate your constructive contribution. So, to respond to your last sentence on first quote. A short revive time with defibs wasn’t my suggestion but rather mine is in keeping with current revive times.
  9. Quick Reload Feature

    Not a bad shout. Definitely would have to be some kind of penalty of time kind otherwise it would get abused.
  10. A better tactical map

    Topographic maps are so easy to read and they give you an almost 3D perspective thanks to the contour lines. Very useful when driving. How many times have any of you missed your turn because the current map poorly displays key features, especially on desert maps. Infrastructures are also poorly displayed. Topographic maps display all the important stuff as clear as a whistle. It is hardly complicated to read and never scared of DayZ players which was a hugely popular game. They really ought to be done perfectly though, subtle on the eyes so not to obscure map icons/markers. +1
  11. Quick Reload Feature

    It's not actually a bad idea if there was a penalty for doing so. Like a better chance of jamming perhaps. Adds a further dynamic to the game but not sure how a quick reload compared to a slow one would introduce a jamming risk in reality.
  12. I really think we're splitting hairs here. If we're going down the route of introducing something with all realistic aspects considered before adding it to the Squad then it's only fair to do the same with the current medic system. So in the case of the current bandage and revive system, how long would it be until a medic would bring them back to life in real life? I would imagine quite awhile. I'm struggling to understand your point. Yes a defibrillator takes a lot of time (in real life) but so does bandaging someone and doing CPR which is in essence what is currently in Squad without the normal realistic time it takes. You don't like the defibrillator idea because it takes too long in real life? The devs wouldn't add the real time it takes, just like the current system. This is a game we're talking about right?
  13. Thanks Borsti like your constructive criticism. Not completely sure about the Revive Kit being science fiction though. Currently an incapacitated soldier can be revived after being riddled full of bullets and healed to be a 100% fighting fit soldier again. What's the difference? The Revive Kit is essentially a defibrillator. I suppose they could speed up the heal and revive process but wouldn't that put it into a kinda Battlefield esk like revive system where people come back from the dead just as quick as they get shot down? At least with the Revive Kit the revive and heal process still takes just as long for the individual who is incapacitated. I don't think the devs want to shorten the time back to life process, there has to be a reasonable amount of time before someone gets back up again. I'm glad people like the Medic Bag idea.
  14. The Revive kit was only really an idea of mine to eliminate the tedious factor. My aim wasn't to eliminate the unique role of the medic, far from it. You still have to consider the risk of bringing back someone to life. The only real difference when the revive process begins from the current method is your position. You can move away take cover and protect, talk and heal someone else whilst this is all going on. You still have to stay with your comrade unless you want to be without the ability to revive the next guy because you have to pick the damn thing up afterwards. Which means you still have to risk everything by coming out of cover to collect it. With the revive kit it would make the dragging ability a more plausible addition. I think you'll find when dragging is in the game medics wont use it as much as we'd like because it's time consuming to drag drop and revive when you could take a bullet to the head any time. Having a revive kit would actually complement the dragging ability quite well. Your comrade is down, you risk pulling him into cover and setting down the revive kit next to him. There is some real thought processing for the medic whilst this is all happening. It definitely isn't a lazy feature at all, far, far from it. After reading what some of you have had to say. I'd seriously consider the Revive Kit would have to be pick up. No vicinity auto pick up. I'd certainly like to see in the future that medics are still the only one who can revive and I think a revive kit tackles two major problems that the devs are trying to fix. The devs want more survivability for squads and they are trying to iliminate part of the tedious medic role. I think they're going about it the wrong way by allowing everyone to revive. The Revive kit would tackle both problems. Medics could now revive a comrade whilst healing another increasing survivability for squads and it tackles the tedious factor without harming the role. Which would hopefully make the devs revert to having just medic revive again. Am I the only one seeing this? Help? Just today I spent 2 hours playing and the amount of people avoiding the medic role was kinda ridiculous. I had to switch out my role to be medic AGAIN when actually all I wanted was a break. Often times the QL will request someone to go medic only for them to switch role without saying anything. There maybe some people who adore currently how things are but it's clear it isn't working. Having a pistol out whilst reviving isn't going to fix the bigger picture of the game dynamics. Why do you think they're allowing everyone to revive now? Because a lot of squads have one medic at best or at least has one medic who doesn't want to play ball. We gotta make it more fun for them! I sure a lot of us would love a combat medic simulator but there has to be a thin lined striked between reality and playability. I'm sure someone will turn around and say well when I play I have no problem with people wanting to be medic. I will tend to differ or you play with regulars/clan.
  15. I agree completely that having everyone allowed to revive might take away the importance of the medic role. You're right, it's all speculation to how it'll all work until we have our hands on it. So yeah I'm with you on that one. I respect your opinion on immersion. I like the kind of heroic feeling you get for doing your job properly and arriving into the action to save lives. Players really appreciate it when they hear that field dressing being applied. It is why part of me feels like that kind of immersion you're talking about wont be lost. There is plenty for the medic to do than just dumping the Revive Kit down. I know it takes away the applying dressing and heal aspect but you still need to get to them safely and you still have to protect that person through the whole process if danger is close. With the drag ability it would work well once implemented, you could drag them to safety and place the Revive Kit on them. You don't think that's cool? You could even have a delay in placing it down so it's not like you're throwing the Revive Kit down and there is still that element of risk. You still have a responsibility to that person being successfully revived. You might not be so vulnerable anymore but your teammate still is, it's your duty to protect them, heal others and don't forget the enemy knows there is still a medic about because of the revive kit making a noise. You still give your position away trying to save another and that's precisely what the medic is all about. Risking yourself to save others and I strongly believe the Revive Kit wouldn't take that away from you. I do agree that it's how people approach the role currently but if the developers want more momentum then compromises are made like adding the revive ability to everyone, which isn't great for you and me. BUT it's the wrong compromise in the wrong area, sometimes it's about give and take and I think what I have suggested is a good even balance between keeping our medics happy and everyone else happy.