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  1. Falling under the map

    Make sure to post it in here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/55-bug-report-form/
  2. AH-1Z Viper helicopter flight model

    Tooner works on the game PUBG now , well he earned it.
  3. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    Where you from?
  4. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Yeah following it for a few weeks now, looks interesting. Is the kickstarter campaign started?
  5. Filter by Region

    I am almost waiting 2 years for that region filter, because the pings are not correct if you refresh. This and the commander perks, one day we will have them in the game For now they are on low priority i guess.
  6. Free weekend was not bad, a few kids doing teamkills but getting banned fast. I also took the Squad Lead role and helped the new players to learn the game, normal i never play as a Squad Lead because i am not a hardcore gamer. It was a pretty good weekend and i hope the sales went good for OWI so we have a bigger playerbase now.
  7. New Build of gaming rig

    Let us know what performance you get vs your old pc.
  8. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Check your steam
  9. Release Alpha 9.1 hotfix

    Nice update, are the founder skins fixed?
  10. Release: Alpha Version 9

    4K screen? maybe try to delete your local files or wait for a hotfix.
  11. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Watch some V9 videos untill then
  12. New PC and Steam account CD key problem

    No free keys for you, i am sure you know that a key is bounded to one steam account but nice try.
  13. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    New update is downloading on steam
  14. Unreal Engine 4.15 Released!

    Maybe in V10
  15. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    My old 3770k has better performance, Squad still does not like AMD.