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  1. Bad FPS on good systems

    What FPS where you getting before v10?
  2. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    I also figured selling my current gpu will make investing in a 1070 a lot less painful, my main concern is hoping the ryzen 2600x has the single core strength to run this around a smooth 60 FPS on 1080p. Either way I’m stuck with what I got, pc is estimated to ship out beginning of may. I’m really hyped to boot up and run some matches with you guys.
  3. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    Loving the feedback and support I’m getting on here and I appreciate every bit of it guys. As lame as it sounds I went with a pre built instead of buying parts myself due to lack of knowledge, warranty, and tech support. Considering I got the air to liquid cooler and the EVGA graphics card what would you recommend to keep the system running cool? As as far as ram I know I took a loss on it but with the way things are im planning on pulling it out and selling it down the road for something that better suits the ryzen 2 and the x470 mobo. one last thing I paid for their overclocking, they overclock 10%. Is that 10% above the “boost” of 4.25 built into the processor. Or will they just clock it to run at 4.25 all the time. I realize a few few months down the road I might have saved some money considering the mining craze going on right now but I caught a good sale and luckily money isn’t a massive issue (although still an issue lol)
  4. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    Asus TUF x470 mobo (made specifically for ryzen 2) ryzen 2600x gtx 1060 6gb 16 gb of 2400 MHz Ram Any other relevant parts I should mention ? I kinda did research and changed up some of the stuff that they had preset on the build, like the motherboard and the cooling
  5. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    CyberPower has great deals right now, switched build slightly. Went from an x370 mobo to the nw Asus X470 mobo optimized for ryzen 2. Think I’m probably the first person on this forum with that set up combo so I’ll let you guys know all my benchmarks for any other future ryzen users who are wondering what to expect. Once again im a massive noob guys. Learning a little more every day, I’ve been pounding through google and the Squad user manual. Can’t wait to start playing.
  6. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    I was feeling a little unsure with the 1700x but I feel great with the new 2600x. Much more potential for overclocking and much better single core performance. Can’t wait for it to get here, and can’t wait to learn and become more tech savvy.
  7. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    Update The build I had ordered through CyberPowerPC had not been processed yet since I put it in late Friday, and thanks to that I got to switch my processor from the 1700x to the 2600x. Should help me squeeze out a few frames, and the 2600x was cheaper than the 1700x. Made a few small tweaks to the build as well better cooling, better motherboard, and got 3 day rush processing and only paid 66 dollars extra overall
  8. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    Have the devs addressed the possibility of optimization for Ryzen in the future, or should I expect early access type performance for the rest of my time with the game. What FPS can I expect realistically and is there any tweaks I can make to help. Guys i I am not exaggerating when I say I am a noob to PC. I really don’t know how to do jack s**t lol. All I know how to do is stream porn and I been doing that on my phone lately. So if anyone wants to really show me the ropes of the game and how to properly operate a computer and get comfortable with the tech aspect of it, I would HIGHLY appreciate it.
  9. So this will be my first post, I just ordered my first ever gaming pc from CyberPowerPC considering they had a pretty good sale going on. I’ve always loved watching footage of Karmakut and Bluedrake playing squad so I said what the hell I might as well jump in. These are the stats on my PC Update: Now on Ryzen 2600x instead of 1700x Ryzen R7 2600x (should I overclock) gtx 1060 6gb 16 gb Ram SSD Asus X470 mobo I have heard that ryzen CPUs struggle with squad but will it be anything noticeable or is it more just something you’ll only notice if your running an FPS calculator. I’ve heard the FXs weren’t good but I got a steal price on a pc with One of AMDs highest end CPUs so I had to go for it.