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    I searched for "team leader" and searched through for about 5 minutes and said fk it.
  2. Coming from someone who has put nearly 250 hours into a game that isn't fully complete yet, this game is amazing and I have a blast every day. However, the most frustrating thing that remains is a lack of teamwork. The problem is that it takes a great amount of effort (too much) to successfully coordinate with your squad leads. Too often there will be nobody defending a freshly capped point after 30 mins of fighting to take it, because everyone ran off at once for the next point, or you get 20 minutes into a game only to realize nobody has attempted to bring a logi out of main. To make squad leaders more effective at their job, I propose a position of team leader - similar to how they did it in Red Orchestra 2. One team leader per team. Maybe make the team leaders squad only capable of having a cap of 4 people or something to make it stand out (or not). The main point of this role would be a sole voice that the squad leads can listen to - by design of the game with the creation of this role. maybe put their name at the top of each team's leaderboard to add to that factor of "listen to that guy". It would give teams more direction than they currently have, which would make for more intense games of squad. Which I think we would all enjoy. -Junkie