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  1. Unreal engine games failing to launch

    vcruntime140 and msvcp140 are both present in syswow64, maybe it has to do with my steam being on a different drive than them but this only started happening a couple days ago and I've been doing fine for over a year till now without these errors
  2. Upon trying to launch any game using unreal engine on steam I get errors saying MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll cannot be found, This is a fairly recent development and does happen to other games in my steam library but unreal engine games are the only ones that are not fixed by reinstalling the game. So far I have tried every piece of advice on the internet I could find. I am on fully up to date windows 10 and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the newest relevant microsoft visual C++ files, and every time I try to start the game from the folder and not steam it says I need microsoft visual c++ 2015 runtime even when its already installed. It seems every time I try to start the game these files break and have to be repaired. I don't know what to do at this point and I can't play any game I own that uses unreal engine because of this issue, Steam will not accept any tickets as this issue appearantly doesn't pertain to their company/software and epic games don't seem to acknowledge that this issue even exists.