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  1. Getting frustrated with the randomness of trying to get together with a bunch of friends to play together on the same server/side/squad. To get a small team of say 6-7 players all lined up in a row usually takes us 2-3 matches in a row, with the limitations of side balancing etc Just wondering if it might be possible to implement a system whereby a group of friends etc might be able to join a server as a pre-formed squad? Maybe via the clan tag system? I understand that larger groups of players joining together can offset the side balance mid game, but what about on the start of a new round? Also, for the same reason I'm not saying let everyone with the same clan tag join the same side to the point that they dominate one side or the other - maybe a system which takes groups of the same tag over a certain size (ie one squad) to one team then migrates additional members to the other side? Hence the desire for a , pre-launch 'lobby' where a group leader can form a cohesive unit & then join a server/server matching process. Would love to know if it's a possibility?