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    I've literally suffered through multiple games where mortars can turn the tides on its own. Not just that a team who acquires mortars greatly increases their chances of winning. Keeping in mind no all squad leaders are created equal. My point being, I don't think mortars should in any way be removed. However, it's overkill when you can quite literally have INFINITE mortars at times. If a team is behind all the other team need do to ensure victory, is hiding behind a never-ending bombardment of mortars, and yes NEVER ENDING IS LITERAL. So this has to be changed. An unending supply of mortars is definitely not realistic unless you're the US. And to keep things both balanced and fun we should limit the said use of mortars. Or else once behind always behind. Who know's it's not hard to lose to a team who rushes as quickly as possible to whatever locations. Once there they do what they do best, camp the objective. Essentially ensuring victory within minutes of the start. Compounding that issue is an unlimited supply of mortars. What do you guys think? You cannot say you've not seen it yourselves.