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  1. On 11/1/2018 at 11:48 AM, CptDirty said:

    You can still use it for transportation so it never lost it's basic function. The bug on the arty truck is in no way game-breaking, insurgents still have a fleet of other more effective vehicles to choose from. The arty truck should be fixed, sure, but dramatizing the situation isn't the way to go about it.



    LOl man. I exaggerate to arouse and inspire, to provoke thought and compel action. It is all ok now though, for V12 update has been released.

  2. I can already hear someone saying : "But it's early access". To which I respond: Put that reasoning in the trash bin where it belongs. Early access is just a pathetic crutch and continuing to use it will not result in you getting any better. If you are in a car accident and suffer muscle atrophy afterwards from being bed-ridden in the hospital then not exercising and working your muscles will only make you weaker and more feeble. Such is the same with other avenues of life. If you continue to neglect fixing a bug that makes a vehicle unusable then you will just continue to allow the condition elsewhere to worsen. Do not allow yourself to become comfortable with negligence for it will only compound itself into a greater issue. 

    If it were me I would be damn ashamed to know that an entire vehicle that still spawns for the insurgent team is totally non-functional and I would get that problem solved.


  3. Well I am sure that my great grand children will be disappointed with having to wait until they are in their 30's but will ultimately be pleased at seeing the update finally released. 

    This really is taking forever. I would of been happier if I never saw any of the promised new content in the first place ( as a frequent armor operator I have been most anguished by the holding back of access to t-72, and m1 ) (i ought to just give into the massive price of steel beasts pro and get the armor fix i need from there)    and then instead just be pleasently surprised one day when it is unexpectadly released. 


  4. @


    The use of turn signals with the vehicles would be as an indicator to people behind you as to which direction you intend to turn. Just like real life. So this can be used to quickly issue non verbal communications to friendlies. You could also maybe deceive enemies watching your movements with binoculars for example into thinking you are about to turn one way but instead turn another. Just some thoughts.

    9 hours ago, YuriIsLoveYuriIsLife said:

    tbh i kind of want functioning headlights, it gets dark as shit on maps like night chora and dusk gorodok 

    Hell man! That's another great idea! I wasnt even thinking of that but it is just another element of what I was thinking which is adding real world features to in game trucks and other vehicles. Thanks for building onto the concept.

  5. This game needs melee. Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm 1, Rising Storm Vietnam, Day of Infamy: all these games are realistic to some degree and they all have melee.  Don't tell me that if you need to use melee you are not playing the game right. Is this or is this not a game that claims to aim to emulate real-life and to be realistic? In real life if I am clearing a building and while in the middle of destroying targets I am totally out of ammo are you telling me that I would not start slamming the buttstock of my rifle into the skulls of my enemy rather than just stand there and accept that I am out of ammo and just hope that the enemy has a change of heart about trying to penetrate my body with projectiles?

    Maybe some people out there don't like the idea of melee or want it, well there should at least be an option to enable it for servers in a settings menu.

    Melee must be added.





  6. Not having melee is not realistic 

    War and combat are not ideal

    what is ideal is that humans manage to communicate effictively and reslove conflicts amicably and verbally. It is true war and combat are not ideal yet they still occur 

    running out of ammo mid battle is not ideal YET IT STILL HAPPENS. Melee is essential and is a realistic option. Hundreds of years of striking people with buttstocks and bayoneys being just disregarded as insignificant to the layout of a game that CLAIMS TO BE REALISTIC is unnaceptable and indicitave of deficent knowledge regarding melee. Not including melee shows a failure to comprehend the realism and importance of melee in a game about 20th or 21st century combat.