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  1. Steam name krille19991 (yes it is supposed to be an extra nine there) Age 27 Place of origin* Sweden Why do you wish to join? I want to play with people that are serious and be sure i am in a squad that works together and of course have a good time I would also be very interested to play squad more competitive if you guys do that, i know the scene is not super big in squad but it would be awesome to a bit more organized against other organized teams! What is your preferred class to play?* I play a lot of Medic and LMG but i am very flexible and can pick whatever is needed. I play like 70% medic since no one else dose it for some reason and i am such good and lovely person so of course i sacrifice myself for the team What can you help 66th with?* I have a military background, 3 years in the Swedish army. Mechanized infantry at Norrbottens Regemente I19. So i know about the general way on how a solider conducts movement in terrain, CQC and overall behavior in an combat environment that i got from the army. This i can of course apply to Squad to a certain degree. Gaming wise i have experiences from god old Project Reality, ArmA 3 and 2, i even played Operation Flashpoint way back, the old one from 2001 which is basically ArmA 1. Swat 4 and a bunch more of similar types of games. so tactical games has always been close to my heart you could say. What are your goals in 66th?* Just to enjoy Squad even more. It is the best game out there IMO but a bad squad can ruin the fun so i think joining a group will remove the frustration of not finding good people to play with that can happen sometimes. Side note I only have around 35 hours i squad and that has been because the lack of content and core game mechanics so i have been holding off and playing PR, ArmA and what not in the meantime. But now with V11 i feel Squad is really enjoyably and i really want to play with an good group of guys. I know all the mechanics from PR and i also know all the mechanics in Squad, just so you know that im not a total scrub :). I hope i can join you guys and kick some ass in Squad!
  2. Ticket Bleed

    Sounds good! Yes the smaller maps are not very enjoyable to play on for more then 30min or at all tbh, some of the older desert maps dont really have the same quality as the newer ones. But i really like it without ticket bleed so the rounds last for a long time, especially on the big maps witch are super nice. You now have time to actually go on big flanking maneuvers, go and try to locate enemy mortar positions while moving slowly trying not to get detected or just go and set up an ambush point behind enemy lines. And while doing this you can take your time and play tactical even if you are a flag down. Before the only focus was to stop the ticket bleeding which could be challenging but mostly ended up in a big grind between the teams for the flag with little real tactics. I think i speak for many when i say that AAS is much more fun now. Btw check this reddit thread out, It is a very good suggestion about dynamic asset distribution for AAS game mode
  3. FPS, 50-70 on lowest, 40-60 fps with some stuff on medium to at least make the game look better then bf2. 1920x1080 Computer Xfx 7950, 1040mhz core clock and 1320mhz memory clock. I7 6700k, 4.5 ghz 16gig ram 500gb ssd How gpu intense is squad? I feel like i should get more fps and be able to play on medium settings with no problems with acceptable fps. The only thing that sucks in my computer is my gpu, im waiting for prices to be reasonable again before upgrading. When are they going to focus on optimization? I feel like they should start to consider optimizing squad so more people can play it. Edit: Since V11 my FPS has increased significantly and its very playable on mid settings now with fps from 50 in cities to 80 in less urban areas. Still waiting eagerly to buy a new gpu en see how well my system will handle Squad then