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  1. 7. Add a fireteam channel
  2. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    I think it should be 6 man in the cap, some times you need observers around the cap.
  3. Why not use the system from Escape From Tarkov? Hold key + mouseweehl to adjust or w/s. We have the same already for zreoing.
  4. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    it seems we need a hardecore ganemode/ Squad Project Reality mod. After we get something like this, the developers can ruin ther own game the way they want.
  5. common Russian words and phases for Squad

    This could help
  6. Make a squad leader tutorial.

    Like this one?
  7. V13 Optics

    The most kits with optics dont have grenades anymore.
  8. Iron Sight Rifleman Buff

    I like the rifleman cause he is not so important like medic or at + he have two grenades. Makes him perfect for cqb and a more riskant playstile. But i want the sandbags with the holes too. Maybe one more grenade.
  9. January 2019 Recap

    Love to see the BMPs are in progress. But hope we will get the BMP 3 some days too. БМП-3
  10. Mortar Operator Class Suggestion

    I like the idea of portable mortas not for the HE but for the smoke or we can build them up from veicles like MRAP or Trucks.
  11. supply system

    Whats about the system from Post Scriptum? It looks like a mix of both.
  12. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    But the more real system requires not nearly so much player skill, its to easy pressing some buttons to hit targeds miles away precisely betwen turret and hull. If the TOWs are to op, i think nerfing them a little bit is the better way.
  13. +1 With the ability to freelook it is a must have. Track IR
  14. I think he means the round disappears from the loaded chamber if you switch to the mg. If you switch back to cannon it need to load again.