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  1. Commander in every APC / IFV

    I use the comander and i am dissappointed about the lack of comanders seat in the bradley and warrior (I know there was a problem with turrets on turrets.)
  2. August 2018 Recap

    I have an idea. Let the driver open his hatch and give him binos it is more realistic than an own periscope but have a similar effect. + he is now killable for inf.
  3. July 2018 Recap

    +1 for voiceactivating option VOIP, then i can use the extra mouse button for squad radio or something else
  4. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    1+ its more effective to shot the walls with a 50.Cal then with HE through the windows
  5. GL for squadlead

    Not what you think. I mean only some smoke rounds to mark enemy positions.
  6. New Revive ability

    I think, give the medic a binocular and make them to your fireteam leader.
  7. Close air support

    I mean we dont need a piolit and a A10. Its all off map and not player based. The mortas need a morta squad with real players. It would be cool if we get helicopters and then a little bird with miniguns and rockets.
  8. Close air support

    Dont like the idea of on guy who can bomb away every thing with only one mousclick on the map. To much gamplay impact for nor skill.
  9. Razor Wire

    +1 for the leatherman, a realy big one. Breaching, building and unflipping vehicles.
  10. SL command channel comms

    Lay it on different ears. SL left and the squad channel to the right.
  11. May 2018 Recap

    What i want are commander and fireteam leader roles. Thopographic maps and i want a playerlist in the serverselection.
  12. I mean something like in ArmA. Not so photorealistic but with more details and highlines for hills and valley's, this is the most important point I think.