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  1. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    Ya I hear you. I already intend on getting a gsync. Just one thing at a time right now. Trying to get everything back in order. Also I haven't finished my testing yet but I played for about 3 hours yesterday after messing with the settings a little bit. tioday after work and the gym I will mess around some more. i was getting 49-61fps, around 53 most of the time. i had Vsync on, resolution set to 4k in squad and nvidia, no overclock just my fan curve changed.Turns out my settings in the nvidia control panel were only set to 30hz so i changed them to 60hz, put everything on medium in squad and kept preload textures on.(will try it with them off today and the resolution lower). What a difference. The main issue I was having was all the wall textures moving/tearing especially while in buildings and that has gone away completely. once when I spawned in I had a slight stutter for a second and that was it. Also no dropped frames. I'm playing in borderless too which was the worst before. For some reason while in fullscreen I lost my compass after the first time I'm downed and it never comes back so my gameplay was suffering even more because of that and I was getting more frames in fullscreen and less drops so I was forced to play that way. Game isn't perfect but it is 10 times more playable now and the graphics are so much better. I'm going to try more of what Company Commander recommended today and see if that makes more of a difference. Thanks again for all the help guys I will update my progress tonight after somemore experimentation. Also should note my gpu is getting a little hotter than normal and msi says its running at about 97%. it topped out at 77 degrees wit the fan turned almost all the way up(94%) after 3 hours of play. I know the alienware case is a little cramped. I already plan on water cooling the gpu in the very near future so for now I'll keep an eye on it. Was only hitting about 72-74 degrees before with overclock. I'm not too worried as long as it stays below 80.
  2. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    Ya I know that but I’m having the issue no matter what resolution I use in squads settings. Haven’t tried changing them in nvidias setttings though
  3. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    I’ll check the actually model when I get home but it’s a hisense 43” 4K UHD TV. It has 4 hdmi inputs. 2 are only 30hz and the other 2 are 60hz. I made sure I was hooked up to the 60hz ports
  4. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    I have tried playing on every resolution and in squads settings and I believe it’s set to 4K in nvidias settings. Like I said I’m new to a lot of this so I won’t pretend I know everything. I will check that when I get home from work and eat back to you and I will try doing what you said with no overclock over a few maps as well. I really appreciate the help. Thanks.
  5. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    Ok so I turned Vsyn to adaptive and I also tried it as just on. It is locking me at 30fps. Game actually does look a lot better and Im not experiencing the slight tearing when I'm in building or close to walls. I also turned the the preload maps setting to on as well to see what happens. My TV is 60hz but I will be getting a gsync soon. would like to make this game more playable in the meantime though. Also would like to gert above 30fps. any other tips now so I'm not stuck with xbox graphics? Didn't spend this much money for this graphics card to play at 30fps. Thanks.
  6. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    Thank you for the response. i didnt think I needed to OC it either but all Im hearing is that it must be my processor, Do you think a SSD will help at all? Some say yes while others say it made no difference to them. Some say to try older drivers for my GPU. I have noticed that the frames do seem to spike right before the screen freezes and then I see the frame counter jump down to 1 or zero real quick and back up. Its really affecting my gameplay and happening at the worst times.
  7. So forgive me as I have been out of the PC world for almost 15 years. But I recently bought a brand new Alienware Aurora R7 just to play this game. I have about 40 hours of gameplay and having been having some issues and recently they have gotten even worse. So the R7 has the following. - Nvidia Gtx 1080 w/ 8gb - I7 8700 watercooled from factory - 16gb of ddr4 - 2tb HDD - Windows 10 - unsure about the power source and motherboard as Alienware doesn’t really disclose it. Ive ran the game on servers overclocks as well as stock and am still having issues. Gpu stays around 70c and the cpu stays around 55c. Can’t fogureljt how to overclock the cpu because it wasn’t equipped with Oc software by Alienware. Either way I should not being have these issues. I have cleared my game cache and ran every setting in game from lowest to highest. Also had a horrible frame rate in borederless compared to fullscreen(my compass disappears while playing in fullscreen after the first time I die) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would need everything described very well. Thank you.
  8. The little broken things

    I’m having an issue while in full screen. I only have my compass until the first time I die or am downed. Once I respawn or am revived it’s gone. Playing in borderless isn’t really an option since for some reason my frame rate drops from 70-110 to 35-55 with tearing(nvidia 1080 8gb, I7 8700k, 16gb ddr4). Don’t know if anyone else has had this issue in full screen. Playing on a 41” hisense 4K tv. But as I said it starts off there and then disappears and it is really impacting gameplay.