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    This was by far the most toxic and worse server I've ever been on. Literally just started playing this game 5 days ago, I'm 56 hours in, and I'm SL like a boss. I join this server to play with some friends. The game begins and I communicate that that position I'm going to set up a FOB. I was told it was all good and a great plan. I execute the plan and set up the FOB and start laying mortars down on the enemy. The " Dr. Hammer" or what ever this douche's name is starts getting over ran. I mind you that its 3 squads on his position and he could have easily fought them off if he understood real tactics. I'm then told to abandon my FOB (meaning it will be over ran and lost) and move my troops to his position within the next 2 minutes or I'm getting banned. Like a child because he was losing he threatened to ban me if I didn't have my guys move now. He then proceeded to post several server messages on the front top of the screen saying all the things you'll get banned for. Basically if you go here, you're banned. If you don't move on my position, you're banned. The guy was a total tool. I should have quit but I didn't want to ruin the game for my team mates who were still having fun. Literally the most toxic game I've ever played. I seriously didn't want to even play anymore after that. This guy is completely ruining the game experience. At the end of the game "Dr. Douche" only had 3 team members left and was crying wondering why none of the other SL's would chat with him. Our team ended up winning and my squad ironically had the most points of the match. I will never play this server again and honestly don't recommend anyone else too unless they just want someone to tell them what to do or be banned, every move. I use to be in Afghanistan for real when I was with the 173rd Airborne. I've literally done missions in Logar. That's real life and I get that this is a mil sim but why even play if you can't have fun. Games are played to have fun, "Dr. Douche" is a just a power hungry cry baby who could never make the real cut. Show less