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  1. Performance boost, file edit?

    This was probably asked many times on this forum but ill ask again, is there a way to edit the ini file and which lines should be edited to get better performance? My specs are: i7-7700HQ, 16gb ddr4 ram, gtx 1050ti slightly overclocked. I do get anywhere between 40 and 60 fps in the game, depends on the map. My in game settings are 1080p, effect are on epic, view distance and shadows are on medium
  2. Cpu affinity

    Any particular reason to why it was disables? I dont see how would that go against eac policy, or maybe I am just not informed enough
  3. Cpu affinity

    I never said that one core will or will not help, but I do want to have the option to try it.
  4. Cpu affinity

    Much appreciated
  5. MID game fps drops

    So far so good, will keep u updated
  6. MID game fps drops

    1080p, temps are not the issue they are around 70C which is fine for a laptop, the issue started only today idk why
  7. MID game fps drops

    It is off, I got 4gb vram?
  8. MID game fps drops

    Ok so as the title says, after playing a while my GPU usage drops and my fps drops as well. Core and clock speeds do not change at all however squad starts being all jittery. This started happening today only totally random. My specs are : i7-7700HQ 16gigs od DDR4 GTX1050ti overclocked with MSI. Game was working perfectly fine so far . .. .
  9. Cpu affinity

    Is there any workaround? Or its done for good?
  10. Cpu affinity

    As the title say. I cannot set cpu affinity nor change priority if the game, I get the code access denied? I want to try and force the game to use one or two cores only. I have i7-7700hq
  11. Middle east

    Hello squadies! Nice to be with ya'all, anuone playing from middle east?