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  1. I was in a 3 men squad in a Warrior pounding away on enemy on Nahrain. As it turned out later, our SL was not communicating on the squad chat, so he got kicked by OMBD MOO. Fine. But 10 seconds later the second man in the squad, now the new SL, was also kicked without a warning, "all SLs must have a mic", then another 10 seconds later I, the remaining member was also got kicked from the server with "all SLs must have a mic" leaving our warrior abandoned for the mercy of the enemy team, of which OMBD MOO was part of. There was never any warning and we all had mics. Not a cool way to get rid of a pesky warrior
  2. Alpha 12.1

    Not a problem for me, I will long buy a new SSD by the time it will wear out as it will still last for years. And their price are so low now, the seriously reduced loading time are worth every penny.
  3. Alpha 12.1

    Sorry, but when I moved Squad to an SSD, the previously unbearable loading times were reduced by something like 70%. I'd rather not follow your advice
  4. Alpha 12.1

    It's not so obvious. Your hard drive or disk controller could have developed a fault since then. Try to install it on a different drive, most preferably an SSD. Your loading times will be at 20% of the current one.
  5. I have a 4th gen i5 and a 1060 6GB and I get 60-80 fps with everything set to epic and with ambient occlusion turned on at 1920x1200, so you'll be more than fine.
  6. Alpha 12.1

    Awesome changes, and I really like the 20% frame rate increase. But I have to repeat my usual mantra: any chance of eliminating the upward teleportation bug when players are being revived? Also, after exiting a vehicle, and sometimes when just spawning as well, the weapon info display will disappear from the bottom right corner until the end of the game, which is really annoying.
  7. October 2018 Recap

    Not true, 4th gen i5 and 1060 here, I'm typically running between 50 and 80 fps with graphics all set to epic.
  8. October 2018 Recap

    Just wondering if there are fixes included for the revive teleportation and the disappearing mag display bugs?
  9. September 2018 Recap

    Looks really great. But I have to ask my usual question. Will we finally see then end of people teleporting upwards when being patched up?
  10. August 2018 Recap

    Yeah, nothing beats being revived and then getting shot in the next second as you pop out on top of a building fully exposed My favorite feature since release 10.
  11. August 2018 Recap

    Exciting changes. But I'll only ask what has been my favorite question for months now. Will we finally see the revived finally not teleporting upwards?
  12. Alpha 11.1

    Yes, much better, thank you. I hope the upward jump upon reviving will be gone in a future patch too.
  13. Alpha 11.1

    I can confirm that revived soldiers are still teleporting upwards but medics are even more bugged now as bandaging downed players sometimes won't complete, the animation of ripping up the bandage package keeps repeating and it won't ever complete. Playing medic is getting more and more frustrating with every new patch unfortunately.
  14. Alpha 10.2

    Ah, I was so hoping for a fix of revived people teleporting through roofs and medic kit not working while prone