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  1. One of the biggest things that nobody brought up with version 10 was the cancelling of animations. Prior to that there was a lot of flack given to the devs both through the forum and reddit about the animation times. They fixed that in version 10, yet no one gave the devs credit for it. One of the main reasons I love Squad is their strive for realism. I'm aware that's a personal preference, and that there are smoother games out there. Just remember man, It's still in Alpha and it's a growing process. Add stuff. Optimize. Add stuff. Optimize. Give it some time.
  2. Perma-death on headshots?

    Not necessarily man, a couple of my boys have taken headshots, even with a 7.62, and walked away with only a headache and a scar. Distance and impact angle come into play a lot more than you may think. Granted, you take a headshot from a dshka or .50 you're boned either way. Maybe a penetration system like what was just implemented with armor?
  3. FAKE DUMMY TARGETS - *New* Fob Structure

    IRL when setting up patrol bases outside of the wire we do. We'd set up a flak and kevlar on a stick inside a post, and put cammy netting in the front to screen the inside. We called them "Ghost Posts" and would randomly move them in order to provide a false target for Muj Snipers. I don't know how this would translate into the game though.
  4. Air Assault Mocap Session

    Deg- Thanks man, it was a blast! Next time definitely apply with Stackup, I don't think they really care about the social media account, as long as you are a veteran I'm sure they'll take the application seriously! Back of the truck animation is something I would love to see!
  5. Air Assault Mocap Session

    There was also some MoCap for Post Scriptum going on with us
  6. Air Assault Mocap Session

    Dirty- Intentional or not, I'm sure the ball/butt scratching occurred a time or two lol
  7. Air Assault Mocap Session

    Aragon- Right? My highly-disciplined combat chassis was barely constrained... Cribbaaa- That's how I feel. What I would LOVE to see is the game tracking the head as the user is mousing around while sitting in a vehicle, such as a transport. It'd be more of a cosmetic thing, of course, but would add to the immersion. I've never sat in a 5 or 7-ton where everyone is looking straight ahead
  8. Air Assault Mocap Session

    Just the tip of the iceberg Aragon! Doing the MoCap session was an absolute BLAST, but getting to meet the Development team and have a few drinks while discussing their plans for the future as well as seeing their passion for the community was the best part! They definitely put us through our paces though. I can't wait for the coming months to see all of the animations come in with the updates!
  9. Mk 19 with smoke rounds.

    The Mk 19 is one hell of an effective weapon, both for suppression as well as reaching deep into dead-space. However, I don't think smoke rounds exist for it. Yes there are 40mm smoke, but the Mk 19 and the M203 are two different rounds. I did bring the issue up to Merlin and Sgt_Ross, Ross knows exactly what it is and was spinning up Merlin on it. Where it goes from there is, of course, in their hands. Seeing a vic rolling while engaging with the Mk is one hell of terrifying site, and would definitely increase the pucker factor in the game exponentially!
  10. March 2018 Recap

    Still no love to the developers for the cancelling of actions Sgt_Ross? lol! Loved the MoCap session, had an absolute blast! I can't wait to see the animations included (especially the Wang-Salute), but the inclusion of TOWs and specific weak-points for armor classes is amazing. It looks like LAAT users are going to have to learn the virtues of Volly-Firing.