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  1. January 2019 Recap

    Yes! I was just gonna say, please make BMP 3!
  2. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Yey t62 for insurgents! Hoping for t64 for militia
  3. September 2018 Recap

    Will thatbe physmat thing evolve into changeable surfaces like in spintires/warthunder eventually?
  4. August 2018 Recap

    Looks like I wont try it any time soon afte all youtube it is then *sigh*
  5. The Wrench, August 2018

    Would love to try that carl gustav, eh
  6. August 2018 Recap

    Nice catch! I hope they won't delay it till October just cause... Iam leaving at the end of month to another country where I will only have ps4 and I really wanna try these tanks before that.
  7. August 2018 Recap

    In t72 raising cannon would be enough to get in driver's hatch. Also there is an auto loader so you dont have to switch seats to load. But I get your point. One of the solutions I would see to make it middleground between authenticity and playability would be implementing several entry points for vehicles. For example to enter driver seat you have to walk up to front of the tank, look at the hatch and interact with the hatch with F. To enter turret, youd have to climb the tank and press F on hatch there. Now switching seats inside turret would be possible but to go to driver you have to get out first. I dont think this is too hard to do. Same can be done with transport trucks. But in apcs you can just swich seats cause it is technically possible. So 1manning tank (using it as stationary, and moving occasionaly) should be possible but relatively slow and you have to get out first to switch between driver and any turret seat. To add to this, anyone remembers cool animation for v10 of troops getting of the truck? I hope this will come eventually and well have entering animations for vehicles/stationaries, replacing the "loading circle" we have now. So thatI would require specific entry point/hatch to show proper animation (*whispers* kinda like in that other famous game about world war 1, forgot the name). @Gatzby, this is coming right? :))
  8. August 2018 Recap

    Thats wrong though. Dunno about abrams, but t72 can be literally 1 manned. It was either Chechnya or georgian war, one russian tanker had to do that his crew being gone for some reason, I dont exactly remember. Basically he was jumping from hatch to hatch, driving into position and firing. And I honestly dont think this is a single case in history. So technically its possible
  9. August 2018 Recap

    NoNo vehicle role would be boring with interior moddeled id even play loader while sipping on beer or something if I could see myself actually loading the rounds in first person, also picking type of round would be cool, maybe some mod Also dont know if it was mentioned, regarding component damage, would be cool if same worked with crew war thunder style. Killing driver in modern tanks is almost impossible, but killing commander or shooter would add interesting aspect to the game and would increase survivability of the actual vehicle (people dont matter, tanks are expensive ) while still removing its ability to functuon properly. For example a good aimed rpg to the turret would kill everyone inside so the driver would have to evacuate with limited visibility and no feedback of surroundings, giving him slight chance of saving the asset.
  10. July 2018 Recap

    Iam not really having any illusions to be honest been here since v8 I think? Maybe earlie, back when game was a buggy running simulator, so I understand "very soon" may be ages. However it was mentioned multiple times regarding v10, that content updates will be much faster because hardest part was said v10, and updates should be back on monthly basis. Yet not too much changed regarding frequency of updates. Which is sad and a bit disappointing but not really surprising I suppose. This is just reality of these indie games not having the necessity to meet any deadlines. Dont want this game to end up stagnating, thats all. In any case I think squad is way better off then say eft (I feel like I literally wasted my money on some scam) or couple of other titles that have no responsibility to meet any deadlines, and can allow themselves to endlessly promise that "cool changes are coming when they're ready", but the tendency is still somewhat worrying.
  11. July 2018 Recap

    I dunno, maybe tanks that were "pretty much almost ready" as said on stream almost a month ago (or a month ago). Pre-release testing of v12 or something? Something?
  12. July 2018 Recap

    Yo, its been 3 weeks...
  13. June 2018 Recap

    Come on guys, July recap please... urges are real. Give us some T-72 animations
  14. June 2018 Recap

    I agree with need of some minor destruction. I understand it is very complicated thing to implement but without ability to make at least holes in the walls with tanks game will feel obsolete and lacking immersion. Not takling about bf style destruction, which is also not realistic, but destructable fences and wooden structures and holes in concrete walls would increase "believability"if you will, of squad greatly. Same goes for mortars and roofs. You should not feel completely safe in wooden/mud house under heavy mortar bobmardment, like you do now (and it feels weird). After all, 30 mil can already penetrate some walls. You get my point I just hope someday...
  15. June 2018 Recap

    Are you guys seriously now putting ads to your video previews? Is it that bad with sales? Nice recap, i though RPG 29 was supposed to be for RUAF, it seems sophisticated weapon. Any alternative for them in plans?