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  1. EAC Kicked

    yes I tried doing a clean install twice now with no luck, also completely deleted the EAC folder, aswell as the one in addons, re-verify.. everything. still getting corrupt update files aswell, I posted a screen shot of it somewhere in my first post.
  2. EAC Kicked

    yeah I have literally tried everything I could find online. Not sure why my steam Is constantly downloading a corrupt file. seems very strange. I'm open to any suggestions at this point lol
  3. EAC Kicked

    Literally can not play squad, tried the past 2 days to play but cannot play for more then 2 minutes without getting kicked. Here is what I have tried several times each: * re-installed squad * repaired EAC *re-installed EAC *deleted appdata *cleared in-game cache *ran squad and steam as admin *verified files Tried each of those Multiple times to no avail. Now I noticed when I validate game files through steam I ALWAYS get 1 that's missing and needs to be downloaded http://prntscr.com/iyd9c6 So I download it through steam. then Validate files again. and get " CORRUPT UPDATE FILES " in steam. http://prntscr.com/iyd9qi download again.. same issue. any info or fixes are GREATLY appreciated. I just wanna play!!!