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  1. Squad and Reshade Help!

    thanks for everyones comments - but the whole thing sounds completely bizarre... the guys at the reshade forums think its complete nonsence that anyone could be using reshade for cheating and they also are saying the zoom function that everyone seems to be talking about (but that no one has explained properly how you could cheat with) has actually been removed from the latest version.............. its a shame as squad is one of a number of games that really benefit from reshade (comparison shots on the link below for those that are interested) - so if the developers are going to continue to ban it (on the basis 0.1% of users might be somehow trying to cheat with it) they should also be offering refunds to customers who bought the game on the basis they could use reshade to enhance it................ http://www.ferrius.eu/reshade/
  2. Squad and Reshade Help!

    thats a shame as the games visuals (even on the firing range) are hugely improved with a good preset..... as it seems the it relates to a newer version of reshade with the zoom (which I had never heard of) does this means older versions of reshade or sweet FX might still work ?
  3. Just came back to playing squad after a long absence and have started playing most of my games (BF1+BF4+ARMA3) with reshade - it improves the visuals by a factor of x10 - however squad does not let me go online if I am running reshade................................although I can play the game offline with reshade enabled Is there are reason for this not working?and will it be fixed eventually? Reshade is one of the games that hugely benefits from reshade and some good presets and will simply not play it if they cant make it work with reshade.........