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  1. competitive mode

    of course, but the amount of role must be diffenrent depending the map, it would be nice to discuss about it once for all instead of negociating with every team of the competition the number of each role for each map, but yeah we could do it like this!
  2. competitive mode

    I dont wnat the actual game to be removed because for playing with the public, it s the best way i can imagine actually. poeples are not salty, the listen the follow it s a very great communit and i dont want to give the weapons to chnage the community into something diffenrent. but for a competitive mode, where two team confronting each other, and they have the time to think about a strategy and ideas it can be something that can be added in the game as a way of playing the game. if we have to go through a mod first, i am ready to work with guys who knows better than me how to do it
  3. competitive mode

    removing kit restriction lead to everyone with a markman. we dont see it like this. On every map it s different and for exemple on mestia AAS V2 you will have available at the begining 5 AT, 2 grenadier, 2 marksman, etc... and you have to dispatch them between your guys regardless of the squad! pretty much like it is in the real life. They dont have as much medic as there is squads of two, (following that way we can have 20 medic on the field actually). in the reality, they have 4 medic not more not less and they have to place them on the map to be as efficient as they can be, and if the most efficient way to do it is to pack them in one squad (i have a serious doubt about it XD), then go, lets them runing around in their vehicule together, as the platoon leader wants to
  4. competitive mode

    that s the point! if we send all the AT at the same point ona map we will havea problem that s why i said it add another dimension strategic to the game. i am not asking to have unlimited AT MEDIC MARKSMAN, .... it would be dumb and on that point i join you we have to set a maximum number of AT available for the whole team at the begining, etc ... so the Platoon leader say "ok! on this map we have 4 AT where do we need them?" and if we place them wrong we can get overwhelmed and lose the game or win the game over one risky decision like this. Macrogestion if we need AT everywher we split them in the squads thats all everything will be our decision we have to set a maximum number of AT, grenadier, etc... available for the whole team at the begining (depending of the map, after it s for the dev to estimate if that much grenaider is too OP or anything else)
  5. competitive mode

    that s why i said we have to adjust the amount of role in the game, if we are exploiting this, other are doing it and it will be the same. So at least we can simplify it so everyone can have the benefit about it. maybe read the all sentence that can help you to understand
  6. competitive mode

    I oftenly play with my team against other team. we enjoy a lot the game but, i am surprised to see, very oftenly, a lot of squad leader, asking for one more people in his squad to have one more medic, or Anti-tank. Or more complicated, in order to take the advantage on the ennemi team, my team assembling all the Anti tank to protect the roads from the ennemi vehicules. and using discord to communicate between each others. and having communication completly non understandable due to the communication in the local, the radio, and the discord, and then give up, even so if it s (i think) a great idea... So my friend and I had this idea very simple which is creating a competitive mode where all the roles must be available, depending the number of people on which side at the begining of the game, and let the team chose by themselves who will take what, even cross squads. Of course we have to equilibrate the amount of roles available to fit this mode. PRO: - That can creat squad specialised in attaque in close combat with more grenadier; in defense with more machine guner; in getting informations with snipers, destroying vehicules with more anti-tank; etc... - That can add another dimension of complexity strategic to the game because original composition can surprise the ennemi team. - That can make more viable small squads like we uses to do (in our team) with the "mortar squad" CON: - Unadapted to the public because as soon as they spawn they will take all the prefered roles without asking the other, and create frustration for the others... it can be added to the list like the conquest mode, AAS mode, infantry mode, etc... and intagrated, or not, by the owners of the servers here you have an exemple of how do i see the spawn screen can be on this mode: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ctnd7RgMQbLidkruubVwC24lzfJcvE2a/view?usp=sharing Thanks you for according time to read my suggestion and wait for some feedbacks