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  1. |R-B| Royal Battalion

    Good fun playing with you guys tonight. Gutted I couldn't stay longer. If you are looking for new recruits, I'm definitely interested. I'm a team player, always willing to go medic and look after the squad. Only issue is I don't get on a huge amount at the moment, but hoping to get back to playing more regularly.
  2. New Revive ability

    Would be interesting to see players who have been patched suffer from a similar system as those who have been suppressed, in that gun swaying, blurred vision and perhaps slowed down further? An option to use a buddies bandage would also be helpful. I play the Medic role a lot (Really wish the M4 was still full auto on the Yanks). I have found in the past that some squad mates are smart enough to buddy up and patch a downed squad mate before I arrive, effectively stabilising them before I bring them back into the fight. Maybe a similar system where the stabilised player can fire their weapon etc, but cannot move?
  3. In general terms, I think the way that squad is set up works really well for creating diversity in squad load outs. Like certain teams gearing up with more SAW support or more Anti-Tank. But how would people feel about squad types? For example, Tank Crew squad. Automatically limits the squad to 4 personnel and only has the options for Crew Leader and 3 Crewmen. Perhaps later you could add an engineer into the mix who could have the ability to fix damaged parts on the tanks without them regaining health as such? This would reduce the need for locking squads to 4 players and limits the options so people don’t fight over who takes what. You could go as far as preventing non-dedicated tank squads from operating the tanks entirely, so one squad can’t hog all the good stuff. You could go a step further as well. From what I can gather, squad is very much “Platoon” in the sense that you form multiple squads within the Platoon. People have talked about the use of Team Commanders which I think would kick ass potentially if you could do cool things like supply drops etc. But what about dedicated sniper teams, recon squads or engineers? Recon squads made up of teams of 4 or 5 with equipment designed for scouting and designating targets. Limited Anti-Tank capabilities but maybe silenced weapons. Engineers that can build FOBs more quickly and possibly with more options than a standard squad leader could put down? So you could in theory restrict TOW missile deployment to Engineer squads only. It could also be a method of getting around the old Optics argument. Give the optics back to the main armies like the US, Brits and Russians, but give dedicated tank hunter squads to the others, making them more deadly in a different area. Obviously the amount of each squad type would be restricted. Example: British/US 0-1 Command 0-1 Recon Team 0-1 Sniper Team 0-1 Engineers 0-3 Armoured 0+ Regular Squad Insurgents 0-1 Command 0+ Regular Squad (Increase squad size to 12?) 0-2 Sniper Team I believe this set-up could force the organised military forces to function together whereas the Insurgents and Guerrilla style forces would be much more fluent and easier to handle. *Disclaimer* I’m still new to the game. I have been playing for a while and I really enjoy the game as is, I’m just thinking out loud how it would be cool to see more options available. I understand entirely that balance is a key feature of the game.
  4. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Just had some of the most epic games on this server. Seems to attract a lot of players who are really up for working together as a team. Good to see you guys back in action.
  5. =7Cav= 7th Cavalry Gaming

    Ha. No kidding. I stayed with the 7th Cavalry back in 2003 when we played MoH:aa then call of duty. Made it all the way to LtCol. So many names... Joker, Hale, Plumbly, Winters, Jackson... A lot of good players =7Cav=LtCol.Speirs. Good to see you guys are still up and running.
  6. =7Cav= 7th Cavalry Gaming

    Is this the same 7th Cavalry that started it's days on Medal of Honour Allied Assault under Plumbly?
  7. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    *Frothing at the mouth...* This... please. Even being able to rearm at friendly Vehicles would be so beneficial. Gives them an added role to the battlefield instead of being dumped in odd places.
  8. Medic progression in Squad

    I'm definitely a medic player, have been since I first played Battlefield 2. I love the role and the responsibility it carries. However, in squad, I cannot disagree with most of the above. The "glitch" of finding the sweet spot to bandage then use the bag on is an utter pain in the ass. The amount of times I have been shot because I have spent the last 5-10 seconds running around a player is... well I'm sure you guys know. The other massive glitch which has resulted in many deaths of patients is the "Jump-a-floor-glitch". Being new, I'm not sure if this is new or not? But when I revive someone on the first floor of a building and watch as they "respawn" back in on the floor above... or worse, the roof. I know this is probably being fixed, but I just wanted to throw a mention in. I have to agree with the Burst fire weapon for the US. It doesn't make sense on a Medic to me. 9/10 you are going into the mix to bring aid, so having a fully automatic weapon makes more sense. +1 for adding a drag mechanic to the game. Good lord above that would be an option worth adding to any player. Drag your team mate inside and wait for a medic. Win win.