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  1. As it's been said before, we're not getting any new factions prior to release, so I guess there's time to think about that
  2. Steam Achievements.

    Right now, we have two achievements, those place-holders you mentioned. When Op asks 'when' we're getting achievements, he means 'real' achievements. Thus, the question here is whether or not Squad is ever getting 'real' achievements, and also, in my personal opinion, whether it should. We know those two are place-holders, you've made that clear, but that's not what OP was asking.
  3. Steam Achievements.

    And you lose a ticket. When everyone does that, that's how you lose a game.
  4. Steam Achievements.

    I see your idea, but I still disagree. Achievements are an incentive for players to play a certain way, and thus would influence player behaviour in a game. Sure, that might have some positive consequences, maybe that medic that usually plays for himself will decide he can spare a patch this time, but after all, isn't the scoring system for that already? I understand that achievements might be more motivating than mere scoreboards, but efficiency in Squad cannot be quantified by kills/revives/assists or whatever. A soldier should act upon necessity after careful consideration, not to chase some illusion achievement. "Why did you try and get him up, he was under heavy fire?!" "But I'm only one revive away from the achievement!" "....And now you're also dead." What I am saying is, you do not want your medic taking unnecessary risks and getting killed because he wants that achievement, or a random rifleman opening fire at the worst moment possible to get one more kill. More often than not, it's better to hold and live than to die stupidly. TL;DR: In a game like Squad, player behaviour should be dictated by necessity, not achievements.
  5. Steam Achievements.

    Again, you miss the point. I'm not saying the current achievements we have hinder the development or anything. But the OP is asking whether we're getting new achievements, real achievements, and I'm just saying that I personally do not think these are necessary in a game like Squad.
  6. It would be nice to have multiple factions per side, I guess, though it might get confusing really quickly if done wrong.
  7. Thank you! I can only imagine the work that's needed to bring a new faction to life. Anyway, the strongest contenders for now seem to be China, Germany, Israel and France. And apparently, the community is also intrigued by the idea of a new Middle-eastern faction, too.
  8. Just a quick PS to ask: is there any reliable info on whether the dev team is planning on adding more factions at all, pre or post-release?
  9. Steam Achievements.

    Yes, but that's the point. Why would we need something more than placeholder achievements, right now? OP is asking when we're getting real achievements, and I don't see the need for any of that.
  10. As we said before, I'm not sure setting a match in a real-world conflict is a great idea... Things might get too political very quickly. I am all in favour for the Implementation of the IDF - although I think there may be 'bigger' alternatives- but I personally think that adding the Hamas -or any faction supposed to be Hamas inspired- would be a mistake. As is, the regular armies just face nameless insurgents/militiamen, and I think it should stay that way. - That being said, though I still think other, bigger and more widely deployed armies would make a better pick, I agree that the IDF would be quite well suited for the kind of asymmetrical skirmishes we have in Squad
  11. Yes, I saw that, and it looks great, but it's the legion Etrangère, not the regular army... I don't know why, but I wouldn't feel comfortable roaming around with a white képi on my head. i guessIwe'll see Well, that would be great too, I guess.
  12. Steam Achievements.

    But...why, though? What's the point of Steam achievements in a game like that? Seriously, I think I'd rather have the devs focus of literally anything else
  13. I don't know, somehow I highly doubt we'll se a second US faction. But I'm often wrong, so don't take my word for it
  14. Yes, well, I see how that could be a problem, then. i wouldn't mind Japan or Korea, but Japan doesn't have an offensive army (its Constitution prevents it from using its armed forces for non-defensie action), and South korea isn't really active worldwide (except the United nations Operations in Somalia). Next logical step would probably be France or Germany, or maybe the IDF, in my opinion. France is the first military power in Europe, and Germany seems to be requested a lot. The IDF would be well-suited for Squad's asymmetrical type of match-up.