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  1. It could be interesting to have a 'Mercenaries" faction, tbh Private contractors and such.
  2. Quick Reload Feature

    Agreed. Dropping the mag would be an appropriate penalty imo. The reload itself wouldn't be faster, but the overall animation would be slightly shorter. You are correct, you can get shot while you're reloading IRL. What we're suggesting is you probably won't be following all the safety steps if you have to reload in a hurry, for obvious reasons, be it IRL or in-game.
  3. A better tactical map

    Agreed. You might be able to tell that there is a slope using the shadows and the colors of the map, but do you know if that hilltop is higher than the one next to it?Or is that overall area above or beneath the point you're attacking? Again, there's a reason most military in the world use topographic maps.
  4. Having played in a sniper binome for more hundreds of hours in Arma, I have to say that I do miss the feeling of being behind enemy lines, providing valuable intel and popping the occasional head. That being said, I am still not convinced the game as is needs snipers. You make a valid point, but I follow CptDirty on this one: are snipers the only remedy to the current meta? And I wonder, if the sniper counters the TOW, who counters the sniper? Assuming we implement an Arma-style sniper role, with slightly decreased effective range and overall firepower, you'd be basically bringing a supersoldier to the battlefield, able to effectively deny whole portions of the map to the enemy infantry. Snipers work on Arma, because the map is way bigger - allowing for flanks, and the opposing forces have a wide array of tools available to deal with a frenzied shooter (aerial support, artillery, counter-sniping, armor, etc...). We can already see how effective a skilled marksman can be in area denial, can you imagine the same player with a better optic (let's face it, the current ones are underwhelming at best) and maybe a higher caliber weapon? You mentioned the time factor, but the same problem exists with what you're suggesting: usually a pinned squad would need to wait for support in order to disengage. But you do not have that kind of time luxury in Squad. Some games, likes Battlefield, have imagined new mechanics to make sharpshooters a balanced class (tracer rounds, increased travel-times and that weird flash scopes make to give away a position). I honestly don't think it would fit in Squad.
  5. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    I... actually have to agree with that one. I too noticed that the 30mm frag rounds seem to have no AoE damage at all, or at least a ridiculously low one.
  6. I guess there are other threads about this particular bug, but I couldn't find any. It's one of the most widespread bugs I've see in this version: downed players find themselves in a different room when revived, sometimes on the roof or even IN the roof. Revived players can sometimes get glitched into the roof or a wall, where they can turn around and sometimes even shoot. I'm sure this is a known issue, but is there any feedback as to when we can expect it to be patched?
  7. More weapon Customization !

    Bear in mind that we're just basic soldiers, usually with the most basic and cheap equipment available, not elite special forces. So no suppressors for us, no NVGs, no laser pointers or laser sights... At least for now One can only dream
  8. Quick Reload Feature

    Well, that's what we mean. It doesn't matter if what is slow is the actual animation of putting the mag in a releasing the bolt, the fact remains that checking the chamber or engaging/disengaging the safety in extreme situations isn't very practical, and not that immersive.
  9. Quick Reload Feature

    It also depends on the situation. A soldier is trained to observe the proper reloading drill, in order to avoid jamming and such. BUT it woud also be understandable in a situation of dire necessity -out of ammo and a hostile is mere metres away- to ditch the whole thing and try to reloadas quickly as possible, the alternative being a sure death. While I understand that proper gun handling is enforced in a trained army, I also see how the painstakingly slow process of reloading-switching a gun can sometimes be a problem in CQB combat.
  10. I agree, the medic role is its own thing, and as the designed medic of my fireteam, it's not boring at all. It's just different. People who don't like it might want to refrain from playing it, as they could take unnecessary risks or abandon their squads altogether. That being said, I reiterate my suggestion that we make it easier for the medic to switch back to his weapon when reviving. Ideally i'll always have some teammate covering me during a revive, but sometimes you do not have the resources for that (whole team down, multiple angles to cover,e tc...). The sidearm is a good way to defend yourself quickly, but with that janky animation it's far from ideal, and I still don't understand why a medic in a firefight would take the time to calmly put away his weapon with the safety engaged, instead of just keeping it close at hand.
  11. A better tactical map

    Except you don't actually see the terrain. You see an aerial view of it, with no indication whether one point is higher or lower than the other. Sure, some might argue that, since the maps are not that big to begin with, and experienced leader will know approximately how the field is shaped. But I still think we need that added layer of realism/tactical intel. And, as I said, ideally we'd have a toggle between satellite view and topographic map, so you'd still be able to see the 'actual terrain'. Finally, no one is asking you to 'estimate' anything. If you only put the smallest effort and learn how to read a topographic map, it is way easier to understand than a mere picture. Conventional armies across the globe wouldn't use those only for show, would they?
  12. I agree with the binoculars part, and hope we do see a dragging system implemented one day, plus I'll admit that having a single item for both functions would be a great improvement for me. however, I'm not so sure about the whole automated revive thing. As a medic, it's quite normal you'll be vulnerable when reviving. After all, you're actively diagnosing and tending to a wounded soldier. That being said, it would be nice to have an emergency way to switch back to our weapon (be it primary or sidearm ). I can't even remember how many times I've been killed by a guy while reviving, even though I saw him coming first, just because the switch animation is so slow. You'd think a battlefield medic would keep his weapon close by, probably on the ground and such, right? EDIT: One thing that could improve the medic gameplay, would be the speed of weapon switching. I'd have two suggestions: - First of all, for those who do not know, switching to your sidearm during a revive is quicker than switching to your primary. BUT, your character still has to go through the whole switching animation before you can ADS. i'd suggest making it so that if you right-click during the animation, your sidearm transitions smoothly to its iron sights, without having to wai for it to finish and all. Might sound stupid like this, but it would actually save that split second that can be the difference between life and death. - Then, I can understand gun safety procedures and all, but does the medic (or any soldier for that matter) really have to engage the security every single time you switch to a patch/medic bag? This leads to almost comical situations, with a hostile coming towards you, and you fumbling with the safety, only to lose that extra second of time that could have saved your life. As I said, as a medic I'd love to just put my gun on the side when I'm healing, especially if I'm prone, and not waste time putting it back on a sling, with the safety engaged, where it's so hard to reach if I need it.
  13. You are right, the existing INS and Militia forces can basically hold for all of these irregular forces. That being said, not every conflict has to be realistic in Squad: right now we have US vs RUS matches, and such, which are not grounded in any real war.
  14. Having a different color per SL -or even per Squad, could be another idea, yes I'd say slightly different - not green blue and yellow, for instance, more like subtle variations of blue. Distinguishable but not overtly ragtag.
  15. Welcome among us! You can find a team pretty easily on this forum, and most of them would be glad to teach you the basics, and more. I'd suggest you go post your presentation either Introduction - New Players, or you can head directly to Teams and Clans to apply for such a group of like-minded people. Hope to see you on the battlefield (no headshots please, my helmet is a family heirloom :P)!