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  1. Perma-death on headshots?

    Did you even read the whole argument? My point was that individual limb condition is implemented, players will have more reasons to play as medics than just being ticket-saving machines. Meaning that your teammates dying faster wouldn't be degrading a medic's experience /usefulness, since it would be a must-have to keep full combat effectiveness.
  2. Perma-death on headshots?

    Though the upcoming suppression system might change things a bit, right now a lot of players feel like the game is still a bit too forgiving. If you take the example of some well-known youtubers, like arkamut, they prefer playing on 1-life servers, because the fear of long respawn times and the pression make for a much more compelling experience. People keep their heads down when shot at, for fear of a stray headshot, like in real life. I think that a lot of players, myself included, have a tendency to take actions they probably would not take in real life, simply because they know it's alright if they get downed, a medic can always get them back up. Peeking over a ridge when under fire is a very bad idea, and should be penalized, for instance.
  3. Perma-death on headshots?

    I see your point, but it's been repeated time after time that the medics role is going to change in the future (the devs said so themselves in the latest Reddit AMA). if a more complex wound system is implemented - say that a wounded soldier moves slower, or has a less steady aim- the role of a medic will be more than just "I'm a ticket-saving machine". Every squad will need to have a dedicated medic to keep its soldiers at full combat effectiveness.
  4. Perma-death on headshots?

    Agreed, we need something more than just 'aim for the head get a free kill'. Might be worth waiting for the armor system to be implemented, but still, some headshots should get you down for good.
  5. Perma-death on headshots?

    Well, it might be worth having a more complex system (a headshot with a 9mm a close range is still usually fatal, but as the distance increases...), but I'm not sure that's very high on the devs' list of priorities.
  6. Well, nowhere is it stated that you're actually fighting Talibans, is it (honest question)? Still, it would be hard to justify the US and Russian forces doing the same: as I said, it's a war crime to kill an incapacitated soldier, and that would make the game completely unbalanced, or way too dependent on players role-playing if you allowed both sides to shoot injured soldiers. As for the medic, we agree completely. I think this role can aspire to be something more than just a "lemme patch you and off you go" kind of endeavour.
  7. This is why I suggested in my previous thread that it should be implemented alongside some kind of Medics overhaul: we already know that the devs are thinking about individual limb condition, and I suggested adding some kind of more complex healing system, like diagnostics and different kinds of treatment (bandages, morphin, etc...). Individual limb condition would mean you need a medic to heal you to get you back to full combat effectiveness: if shot in the leg, you limp, if shot in the arm, aiming is a lot more difficult. It would transition the medic from a ticket-saving machine to a more complex and useful role. No squad could hope to maintain optimal effectiveness without a medic. I thought about that, but it might be a bit too excessive? One reason to justify the current system could be to consider that all the forces involved abide by the Geneva Convention, which provides that harming an injured or incapacitated enemy combatant is a war crime. Some might say the insurgent forces wouldn't respect the Convention, but as as law student, I can say you'd be surprised to learn that most irregular forces in modern conflict theaters tend to abide by the laws of war, broadly speaking.
  8. Can't find the right sniper thread

    I see, thank you!
  9. Alright, i know this might sound very stupid, but I'm fairly new to the forum, and I hear that the topic of a designated sniper role has been discussed over and over again. I have tried using the search engine to find any relevant thread, to educate myself, but typing the words "snier", "special squads", "long range", "scout" has not provided me with suitable results, as all I seem to be getting are recent threads where someone mentions that the issue of snipers has already been discussed in another topic, or that snipers are not a thing anymore, with no explanation. While I am not entirely sure a sniper role would be a great idea, I'd love to see what's been said about it, and maybe add my own grain of salt. Any kind soul that could point me in the right direction? There are hundreds of results with the search engine, i can' tread them all....
  10. I'll just throw this in here, since this part of the forums seems to be a lot livelier than the Suggestions: what if getting shot in the head meant no bleedout time, and sent you back to the respawn menu? It just doesn't seem realistic and fair that a medic can bring you back from a bullet in the brain with a few bandages. Sometimes you'll wipe a full squad with a grenade or such, only for it to be brought back to full combat effectiveness in a matter of minutes, with no loss of tickets. When long range sniping, you can never be sure to have secured the kill, as any injury can be fully treated by a medic. I know we already have some kind of a similar mechanic when getting killed by some high caliber weapons, so why not generalize this? If a .50 Cal can prevent you from being treated, why not a bullet to the head? I'm not sure whether Squad has a functioning armor system implemented yet, but we might fancy one day that having a helmet might save you from lower caliber shots or from angled shots, who knows?I guess this would mean to overhaul the current tickets system, maybe increase the overall ticket count to compensate for the increased depletion rate?
  11. Bolt sniper role?

    To be fair, a Sniper team's role is not to wipe entire teams, more like provide fire support and reconnaissance runs for intel; take out HVT like SLs and Gunners, etc... My biggest concern would be that this is not Arma, as in the maps are not exactly huge, and I worry that a sniper might be able to engage from way too far away. on certain maps, a single sniper team could halt the progression of several enemies squads. Furthermore, the system on inter-dependent Flags makes it so scouting deep behind enemy lines is not really a thing. Even worse, asniper could never really be sure whhether he has secured the kill or not, since any kind of in jury can be fully treated by a medic (i'm addressing this issue somewhere else: ) Overall, i'd love to see a Sniper role in Squad,a s I used to be in a serious sniper team on Arma, but i'm not sure it might be the best addition to the game.
  12. This is awesome, although it might benefit from a simplified way to put down the markers. To be honest this can also be useful for long range marksmanship, as it's relatively quicker than calculating the range by yourself using the grid and formulas.
  13. Again, I'm glad something similar has already been discussed, but it's not exactly what I've been suggesting. I would like to be able to trade items with alive friendlies, before they get killed and I get a chance to loot their corpses. But I guess the Inventory system might address this.
  14. Perma-death on headshots?

    I know, you posted the exact same thing on my other thread, mate x) But this is not the topic of the current thread.
  15. Another quick idea, might be a stupid one, but how about giving players the ability to give some of their bandages/magazines/grenades, etc? I find it a bit ridiculous that a medic that has run out of bandages cannot ask one of his teammates to give one of the two he has, for further use. Or that you when you run out of ammo there is no way to get more mags if not at an ammo crate, even if your squad is full of them. This is actually a thing in modern warfare, with Riflemen usually carrying ammo for the Autorifleman, for instance, or Spotters carrying ammo for snipers (granted we don't have those yet).