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  1. Insane update hassle

    Jevski, could the 18 gigs be the previous one? I had just about that of an update before this one came out. Psyrus, I had the same issues with PUBG. I suspect it's something to do with games based on unreal engine. For example, I have DCS (steam version, 120 gigs) on the same ssd with 12 gigs free space and it's never pulled off anything like that. It looks like this is happening for everyone. There are lots of similar reports in the official squad's discord.
  2. Problem seeing servers

    Also having this issue. Closing the game, then restarting steam helps. But it's kinda a crappy way to work around it. I used to play regularly back some maybe 6 months ago and the lobby was snappy and flawless back then.
  3. Insane update hassle

    So today's patch (alpha 15.4) is in. The game's update process for the 293.9 MB patch is f***** ridiculous. First it's copied the game from my ssd array to hd drive (my secondary steam lib is there) completely. Now it's slowly deleting squad's files from ssd. It's downloaded 12 megs (I'm on 100 mbit internet). It's like 30 minutes in, hard drive bandwidth for the entire time was and still at 100%. Wtf is it doing? Why it's shoveling the entire game over my system drives to put just 300 extra megabytes in? Now it's downloaded the patch and copying the entire game from my hdd back to ssd. Why so much hassle for just 300 megs? 100 GB worth of rewrites on the ssd just for 300 megs. It's not cool.
  4. Game version: a- Steps to reproduce: 1. Get into the gunner's seat of T-72B3. 2. Main gun is loaded. 3. Switch to the coaxial machine gun. 4. Switch back to main gun. 5. The chamber on the main gun is empty and the autoloader has to reload it again. Expectation: Main gun should've stayed loaded and ready to fire.
  5. As the title suggests. Tried out both tanks and the 30 mil and it's like that on all of those and I suspect it's everywhere now. It's somewhat better on the 30 mil. But on tanks it seems that turrets ignore the mouse scaling options at all: I've set it to 2, global 1 and it seems that it does nothing. A full revolution takes ages to complete and a lot of mouse repositioning. Also, there seems to be an automatic threshold on mousemove speed: like when you move the mouse really slowly, turret/gun moves even slower. It's understood that it's done like that to allow users to aim at targets that are small and far away, but it's very annoying, clunky and imo a bad overall controls design choice. I would rather stick to modifying mouse speed as per game options and instead of this auto-fine-tuning-mode introduce an additional hotkey, which a user would have to hold down to introduce that modifier that would slow down turret and gun rotation. Predictability of controls would be much higher. On a side note, T-72 can't turn around on the spot. IRL it can. In the previous version, I think, the Warrior also suffered from this feature.
  6. Lose the Medic role

    Hey thanks for a reasonable conversation! I don't have a lot of experience in this game yet. I didn't play before 10.1, so I didn't know what it was like then. But anyway, in that short time that I did play I have played medic a lot actually. It's just the other day I joined a side, one squad were on 8/9, with 0 medics. I joined in a rifleman role. The whole squad was all over the place, with at least like 100 m to a closest anyone, no planning, absolutely incoherent. I figured those were casual players (like myself, actually). So, after a while I changed to medic. Because, yes, I know you can heal yourself and became a pain for the other team. I went to a flank solo, just like everybody else, and actually had a lot of fun there all by myself (no pun intended). But, all of a sudden, my squad realized we have a medic, and some people began just plain bitching about me going solo. And in about a couple minutes they just kicked me, lol. I was, like, seriously? Like, if you really needed a medic why nobody took the role then? 0_o Other times it becomes quake 3 arena hot and all you do is bandage, revive, heal, repeat. Oh, and it's so annoying when you get to a body, get out your bandage kit and about to apply it and they click 'give up'. But yeah, today I've played in a decent squad with a good SL and the role was indeed really useful. Maybe there should be casual servers or modes or something, or maybe a little boost like faster sprinting and binos as suggested by CptDirty and Bonnie Money above. Seems reasonable. wingman9,
  7. Lose the Medic role

    Let's get real here, how many of you actually enjoys playing medic? I don't think a lot, really. Every time I play, people hardly jump into those boots voluntarily. Why? Because it's not fun. Playing medic in this game is a boring and unnecessary job. And we play to not be bored to death. That's essentially what games are all about. One may argue that's for realism. But it's not realistic at all. If you get shot in a firefight to the point that everything is black and you can't move and you can hardly even breath and just lying there bleeding your juice, no medic in the world could patch you up in a couple of seconds to 100% health so you're immediately able to be back running all cylinders around a hot battlefield in full gear shooting and fighting. Ditch it. Just ditch it. Boost ticket count and ditch it. Let's have just fun.