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  1. 29th Infantry Division - Enlist now! (NA & EU)

    Check out the 29th Infantry Division if you are interested in intense, serious game play!
  2. 29th Infantry Division - Enlist now! (NA & EU)

    Bump. Check us out!
  3. 29th Infantry Division - Enlist now! (NA & EU)

    The 29th is continuing to grow and add more events!
  4. 29th Infantry Division - Enlist now! (NA & EU)

    Just to add a little bit of information to this post, the 29th ID focuses on 1-life scenarios for our drills that we have twice a week. Because we are a large unit ~100 members in Squad alone, we have a lot of options for drills so that it fits more people's busy schedules. While in game we are a serious unit focused on improving our teamwork and skill, we do have a lot of fun hanging out in TeamSpeak and enjoying other games, so don't think we are so serious that we can't have some fun. If you have any questions at all please add me on steam. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198145404349/ See you on the battlefield!!!
  5. Realism/Milsim Units?

    I am not too sure about other Milsim/Realism units but I do see them around on forums/Reddit and in-game. I am with the 29th Infantry Division. We are a realism unit that does one life scenarios and have drills twice a week. We have official private events and then have a goal of doing special events against other units. We have been around for over 10 years in various games. Add me on Steam if you have any questions and here is our link for more information. We are generally pretty serious during our events but very easy going and fun outside of the events.