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  1. after resetting the cache and verifying files and everything these are the results i got, the cpu1 usage was around 70% at average and the rest were all lower... any possible tips from anyone?
  2. Thanks for the answer, i will check individual cores today and see if they are being used. regarding my GPU, i already sent the PC to the shop i bought it from to check for any hardware issues because i also thought something might be wrong but nothing was found, i just cleaned it and nothing has changed, also reinstalled windows and i already cleared the cache files and verified files and that also didn't help The weirdest thing is that no matter what settings i play on the performance will be almost the same I will try doing everything you recommended again and update..
  3. After asking my friends about their fps and usage ingame i learned that my PC is not performing well in squad and people with worse computers are getting better performance. My fps is almost always below 60 fps doesn't matter on what settings i am playing and my GPU and CPU usage is always around 40% so it feels like i should have higher usage and better fps perhaps? anyway if anyone is able to help in any way i would appreciate it so thanks! Also got 16GB of ddr4 ram and game is installed on my ssd if it matters
  4. 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 508th|

    What region do you play on? and if you want add me and we can talk on steam
  5. Wired Gaming Recruiting Worldwide

    Hello there, i might be interested, how many players are you and do you have so EU people too? and to make it easier i think you can just add my steam here
  6. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Jonson32 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jonson32 Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 16 Timezone or Region: EU Nature of Interest: Any type of game style works for me, just having fun or playing realistic milsim. Gaming Background: Played shooters for like 8 years and played a bunch of Rainbow Six Siege Additional Skills: I am good at petting cats and dogs Status: "Unsigned"