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  1. SPG-9 Visual Glitch

    Ok thank you
  2. SPG-9 Visual Glitch

    When scoping in on the SPG-9 Armored techie, I was killed. Then when i respawned the scope was still on my screen. I went back to the techie and zoomed and unzoomed and the problem was fixed. This will also happen if you are zoomed in and you get out of the vehicle.
  3. While doing some testing in the shooting range, I have noticed that the Armored techie performs considerably worse than the regular techie. While using the 30mm (RU) and the Bradley/warrior guns, I tested how many shots each weapon and type of round would take to kill both types of techies. Data: 30mm v Techie: RU 30mm He Frag: 15 shots RU 30mm AP: 9 shots 30mm v Armored Techie: 30mm He Frag: 2 shots 30 mm AP: 4 shots Bradley v Techie: 25mm He Incendiary: 14 shots 25mm AP Sabot: 8 shots Bradley v Armored Techie: 25mm He Incendiary: 2 shots 25m mm AP: 4 shots Warrior v Techie: Shots to kill: 30mm HE: 5 shots 30mm AP Sabot: 3 shots Warrior v Armored Techie: Shots to kill: 30mm HE: 1 shot 30mm AP Sabot: 2 shots RU KPVT BZT API v Techie: 14.5mm API: 10 shots RU KPVT BZT v Armored Techie: 14.5mm API : 22 shots As you can see from my results, the Armored techie performs much worse with both kinds of rounds and is most easily taken out by HE shots This proves that the armor is broken and makes the technical easier to kill. Try it out yourself in the shooting range. Also these results can be used to compare the types of vehicles from other factions. The best performing is the warrior with its 30mm gun. The other two vehicles perform very similarly against the regular technical and exactly the same against the armored one. But does this make sense? the RU get a 30mm while the Bradley only has a 25mm. Im no expert on these guns but I dont think that a 25mm should be better than a 30mm if not the same. The only exception to this is by the 14.5mm KPVT BZT gun on the BTR and MTLB. In this test the armored techie did better than the regular one and was harder to kill. This gun also did the worst which is good due to its lower caliber. Please give this attention so more people and hopefully some devs see it. Thanks guys
  4. Mogadishu, Somalia?

    Lmao I mean I guess I have made a few maps in MOWAS2. Would be a cool thing to try out
  5. Mogadishu, Somalia?

    Anyone think it it would be a good idea to have a map based on the events of Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu, Somalia? I think this would be a great addition to the game especially when helicopters come out. Having US Delta Force and Rangers in a city full of Somali gunmen would be amazing with Humvee conveys and anything else we could think of. Comment anything you would also like to see in this if it were to be added to Squad.