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    Name: 1Alfred1 (Raivari11) Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198150363279 Primary Language(s): English + Finnish Age (optional): 15 (Behave like an adult) Timezone or Region: ETT (GMT +2) EU Nature of Interest: Casual gaming, Milsims and almost everything Gaming Background: have been playing video games for 10 years and shooters for 6 starting from MW2 for PS3. Some shooters i have played a lot, BF4, BF3, COD BO1-BO3, MW1-MW3, Arma2-Arma3, DayZ, PUBG, Squad, CS:GO. Additional Skills: Tactical, I can behave, Good eyesight, Amazing reactions, Good at FPS, Quick learner, taking things seriously, Being strict, Really good English, I Airsoft in IRL., Know a lot of callouts. Status: Assinged by Fighting 13th