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  1. FPS drop from Discord

    I tried disabling hardware acceleration, didn't help. Thanks for the idea though. I guess this isn't Squad specific, maybe I should check on a Discord forum.
  2. FPS drop from Discord

    When I play Squad with Discord running in the background it seems to cause a large frame rate drop at times when my mouse is moving. Is there any workaround? Here's how I reproduce: 1. Open Jensen's range training map locally 2. AdminChangeMap to Chora RAAS V1 3. Go to Russian side 4. Go into a vehicle where gunner has zoom, e.g. Scout Cat 5. Go to seat 2 6. Zoom in 7. Look at bearing 322-342, moving mouse back and forth there 8. My frame rate will get really choppy 1440p: 140 FPS normally, dips to 80 (still playable) 4k: 70 FPS normally, dips to 20 (not playable) If I used A and D to turn the turret it's fine, only if I use mouse. If I quit Discord completely (not just close the window but quit it from Tray) then it resolves the issue. I also disabled the Discord overlay but it doesn't help.
  3. I recently signed up for GeForce NOW, excited to try Squad on my MacBook. When I try running the game it says "We are currently patching this game. It will be ready to play in a couple of hours." It has said this for over 24 hours. From some Googling I found this update from several months ago saying it's undergoing extended maintenance and they're working with the developer. Has there been any update from OWI? Do others have the same issue?
  4. Is there any place that's the source of truth for such information? I imagine the wiki is not necessarily kept up to date quickly with each update to the game.
  5. Per the Squad wiki, the AAS mechanics for losing tickets are: Losing Tickets [ - 40 ] when the enemy captures flags that belong to you But in game I hear many people say that you don't lose any tickets in this case. So which is it?
  6. In v11 I just tried joining a server that in the server browser said 44/76 but when I joined it put me in the queue and said there are 0 players (and only 2 reserves). Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  7. What can damage vehicles?

    Is there a definitive source for this information somewhere that gets updated with each version of the game?
  8. March 2018 Recap

    Is there some console command to have an indicator show how much damage we're doing to vehicles in the Shooting Range? Like the GIF for "Improved Vehicle Damage Model"?
  9. What is a milsim server?

    In the server browser I sometimes see "mil-sim" or "milsim" in a server name. What does that mean? I know it's short for military simulation but what does it mean in the context of a specific server? Are there different rules? Is the server running a mod?