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  1. Welcome to the game and forums - i look forward to playing with/against you soon !
  2. Welcome Nugz - there's quite a few former JO players here.
  3. i'd really like to see player controlled planes if the Dev's can make it work !
  4. Curious to see how this goes- i'd back a(nother) good game
  5. LoudScale - just find you a well-admined server and let your SL know you're new and you 'll be fine . Welcome to the game and forums !
  6. Welcome back to the game Orpheus !
  7. That looks good! Just need a little heat shimmer
  8. Good on you Mink for posting the solution as well. Might help someone
  9. Welcome to the forums! Try checking out some of the Clans/teams if you're looking for more "organized" gameplay
  10. Welcome!
  11. Rybec, I was just imagining the same thing ! Spintires mud physics FTW!
  12. I don't see how this makes anything better?
  13. nice vids - i subbed
  14. Welcome to the forums !
  15. Good to see you back Fishman!